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How to Get Pregnant Super Fast (Best Foods and Positions for Getting Pregnant)

Unfortunately, there are huge number of women who are not very lucky when they are trying to conceive. If you are one of them, please follow these ten tips that have proven to be helpful:

1. Nutrition and Diet

A healthy diet will aid any woman boost her reproductive system and optimize it for pregnancy. There are many studies that have confirmed that alkaline foods have the ability to improve the odds of getting pregnant. Some of the best alkaline foods include milk, bean sprouts and peas.

On the other hand, acidic foods usually boost the level of acidity in the cervical mucus and eliminate the semen. Stay away from acidic foods like red meat or even some types of tea.

2. Supplements

Use some popular and tested multivitamin supplement in your diet in case you want to conceive. The supplement you choose must include folic acid because this acid is very important for the health of the neural tube.

Keep using this supplement even when you get pregnant because in this way you will know that you have all the nutrients you need.

3. Perform Medical Examinations on a Regular Basis

In case you want to conceive, perform a detailed medical examination to identify any medical issues. In case you must take some pharmaceutical drugs, you can talk to your doctor and find out whether these drugs can cause problems during this process. If they are problematic, you should ask for alternatives.

4. Having Intercourses on a Regular Basis

Obviously, if you are having intercourses regularly, you will significantly increase the chances of getting pregnant fast. In case you are intimate every day, then you won’t need to follow your ovulation.

Remember to enjoy this activity because this activity should not be perceived as some kind of duty.

5. Try The Right Positions in Bed

There are many experts who claim that the position you take during intercourse can lower or increase the chances of pregnancy. According to many people the missionary position is very efficient because it places the semen very close to the cervix and eases fertilization.

6. Learn More About Your Cycle

The fact is that you can miss the opportunity to conceive in case the timing is not right. So, always monitor the basal temperature with the help of a thermometer. By taking notes about the basal temperature you will be able to find the right timing. The moment when there is a small increase of the basal temperature of the body is the moment of ovulation and you should definitely use this period of the month to get pregnant.

7. Simplify The Trip

Unfortunately, the vagina is not a very friendly environment for the semen. That’s why it is not easy for many couples to get a baby.

But, you can always boost the chances of becoming pregnant by improving the environment in this area. Douches, sprays and aromatized tampons specially designed for the vagina can make the conceiving a little bit difficult because the environment becomes very harsh and the semen can’t do its job. Many experts recommend avoiding the use of commercial lubricants for conceiving. In case the use of lubricants is a must, consult a doctor and find the most suitable solution.

8. Stay Away from Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Cigarettes and Caffeine

Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that caffeine has negative effects on female reproductive system and male semen count and volume.

Stay away from drinks and foods that are packed with caffeine like chocolate, black tea and coffee. Get rid of cigarettes, alcohol and the use of illegal drugs in case you want a baby. Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking cigarettes and taking drugs can lead to risk of miscarriage and health problems in babies. This is definitely something that no one wants.

9. Be Active and Maintain Healthy Weight

Physical activity aids the body’s effort to get rid of extra fat and at the same time it harmonizes the levels of hormones. Women who have extra body fat usually have very high estrogen levelswhich lead to improper ovulation or no ovulation at all. Keep in mind that exercising too much and losing weight fast can also lead to infertility and hormonal problems.

10. Enjoy Your Life

If you are more aroused and excited when you are having an intercourse and if the levels of stress are low, there is a great chance that your efforts to become pregnant will bring success.

High levels of stress can prevent the appearance of ovulation and they can also disrupt regular cycles. In other words, you have problems determining next ovulation.

Many people believe that getting pregnant is simple and easy, but they are wrong. There are a myriad of factors that must be taken into consideration and this is what makes many people frustrated. However, by following these tips you should be able to reach your goal.

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