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How To Get Pregnant With Twins: Doctors Reveal Tricks!

Conceiving twins is something many couples want but the odds for this happening naturally are really small, about 3%.

However, there are certain things you can do to improve these odds and have a better chance of getting pregnant with twins. There are many factors which play an important role like diet, ethnicity, genetics and overall lifestyle and can help you determine your chances of conceiving twins.

Conceiving twins: Secret revealed

You can increase your chances for getting twins if you follow these simple steps. But let’s first see what your chances are at the moment.

Understanding what your chances currently are

First you need to be aware that every average couple has about 3% chances of conceiving twins naturally, which is not such a high number. But there are certain factors which might get you in the not-so-average group and you should take them into consideration. If you satisfy any of the criteria below your chances increase, and if you satisfy more or all the criteria your chances skyrocket through the roof. The opposite is also true, if you can’t identify yourself in any of the below your chances are significantly lower.

  • If you have twins in the family, especially on your mother’s side you have higher chances of conceiving twins. If you already have a pair these chances quadruple.
  • African origin also increases the chances for conceiving twins because African people are believed to have the highest chances for twins, then the Europeans, while the Asians have the lowest chances to get twins naturally.
  • Tall, nourished and even slightly overweight people have better chances.
  • If you’ve been pregnant before your chances are slightly higher, so it’s more usual for twins to come after the first, second or third pregnancy. The more pregnancies the higher the chances.

Older women have a harder time to get pregnant but when they do they have a higher chance of conceiving twins. If you manage to stay pregnant after 40 your chances are higher by 7%, while after 45 years of age these chances increase to about 17%. It’s also true that older women are more likely to try to get pregnant by IVF, which drastically increases your chances for twins.

Tips to help you increase your chances

Take plenty of vitamins

People who lack the essential vitamins and nutrients have lower chances for conceiving twins. You need to pay special attention to all the vitamins, but when it comes to pregnancy folic acid is the most important supplement. They can be found in almost every pharmacy. They are good for every woman during pregnancy but you shouldn’t take more than 1000mg a day.

Get all the proper nutrients and eat certain foods to increase your chances

If you’re not well nourished your chances for conceiving twins will decrease significantly.  If you’re well-nourished and even slightly overweight, you will increase your chances. You should talk to your doctor for any plans regarding weight gain and make sure you’re no just overweight but healthy and well-nourished as well.

Eat lots of dairy and yams

Some cultures believe that eating these foods can increase the chances for twins.

  • According to a study by a leading fertility specialist, dairy product can help you in your efforts to get twins. Women who consume dairy while trying to get pregnant have 5 times higher chances of getting pregnant with twins.
  • The insulin-like growth factor (IGF) which the cow’s liver produces is the chemical catalyst in this process.
  • According to some other studies, consuming cow’s milk which has been treated with rBGH hormones can cause twin pregnancy more often.
  • One African tribe has a diet rich in wild yams. Their twin birth rate is 4 times higher than the global average. It’s believed that certain nutrients in this vegetable have the ability to stimulate the ovaries into producing more than a single egg during the ovulation period.
  • Even though this fact hasn’t been scientifically proven and many doctors are skeptical, it won’t do you any harm if you test this theory out. After all yams are delicious.

Remember when to stop birth control

You shouldn’t be on the pill right before you try to conceive because when you quit the pills your body goes into overdrive and tries to reregulate the hormones. Sometimes during the first few months your ovaries may release up to 2 eggs at the same time.

Always consult with your OB/GYN before trying any alternative methods just to make sure everything is in order and safe for you. And in conclusion, there are artificial methods which can help you conceive twins, with more certain results, like IVF or the likes. Just remember not to stress out and enjoy the experience!

Good luck and we hope our advice will help you in your efforts!

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