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How to Treat a Fungal Infection of The Nails Naturally

“Nail fungus”, i.e. the fungal nail infections are the nail changes (also known as onychomycosis), damage to the inner plate of the nails on the hands and feet. This damage causes pathogenic fungi, is infectious, and can be spread from person to person through household items, shoes and clothing …

The risk of getting a fungal infection of the nails is increased in people with disturbed metabolism and chronic diseases.

From this unpleasant disease no one is safe (visit to the pools or saunas, at home, putting on someone else’s shoes and many other places).

Many people do not know that they have this problem because the infection attacks the inner side of the nail, causing damage and at the beginning is almost invisible.

Later, the diseased nail changes color and becomes thickened and begins to curve, this is a signal that the disease has taken hold.

If the disease is localized and has not spread to other nails, you can try to cure it with the help of natural resources.

How to cure a fungal infection of the nails. Natural Remedies.

Propolis drops

One of the most effective drugs for the treatment of nail fungus is a 20% solution of propolis drops. The solution is applied to a cotton ball and it is placed on the diseased nail for a few minutes.

The procedure is done every night before going to bed. If you can, buy a real propolis from a beekeeper. Wrap your finger with gauze and leave it to stand overnight.

Doing this procedure every night can lead to a complete recovery. One propolis can be used for a long time because it does not lose its medicinal properties.

It is known that it has bacteriological and bactericidal actions against most of the bacteria, better on gram-positive, than against the gram-negative.

It works actively on microbes, fungi, viruses and it also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and tissue, and has a very strong anesthetic effect.

Unlike antibiotics, the important feature is that there is a propolis bacterial resistance. Propolis boosts the immune defense of the organism by 3-6 times. In nature it is a unique and very valuable.

Treatment with iodine

Like doctor David Derry said: Iodine is the best antibiotic, antiviral and antiseptic of all times.

Povidone-iodine is another well-known and quite effective national agent for treating fungal infections of the nails. The course of treatment lasts 20 days, apply 1 drop of 5% solution of iodine (Lugol solution) every day to the affected nails.

Other nails, which did not have a fungal infection, should also be treated in the same way, but less frequently: once in 2 days.

For about 7 days after the start of treatment it may appear a tingling sensation, but there is no reason for concern. This is a signal that the nails are starting to slowly recover.

However, if the burning sensation and pain become unbearable, you should pause or apply iodine to the nails rarely, once every 2 days.

Tea tree oil (tea tree). How to cure the nail fungus

Tea tree essential oil is one of the most powerful herbal antiseptic, which has very strong anti-fungal properties. Tea tree is better than alcohol antiseptic.

For its efficiency in destroying pathogenic microorganisms, it can be compared with chlorine, of course without the dangerous side effects that chlorine causes.

Put a thin layer on the infected nails and soles (if you have nail fungus toes). You can use it several times a day.

Medicine is a little skeptical about the treatment of fungal infections with folk remedies, but does not deny their effectiveness.

In the opinion of doctors, the elimination of fungal nail infection is only possible by a combination of natural and pharmacological treatment modality.

So if you have this condition, consult your physician, who will evaluate the course of the disease and prescribe a complex treatment.