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Having Some Sinus Infections? Here Are 4 Home Remedies That Can Help You!

If you are one of those people that have problems with sinuses don’t worry there is help. We all know that there are medications and treatments that can help you but they are not all natural. I will present to you some home remedies that you can make and get rid of this tormenting problem about your sinuses.

I know you are aware of the symptoms that insinuate sinus infections like facial tenderness, pain, pressure, headache, nasal stiffness, discolored nasal discharge, sore throat, cough and fever. So if any of these symptoms appear to you then that mean you may be suffering from sinus infection.

The best sinus infection natural treatments are here for you. You just need to read them, make them and use their benefits.

1. Turmeric

This spice has the antibiotic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. We use it in the cooking but we can also use its benefits to clear sinus infections. The active compound found in the turmeric known as curcumin can help you heal swelling in the sinus cavity and clear the airways.

The procedure is simple. Just mix turmeric powder in a glass of warm water and gargle few times in the day for few days. There is another way you can use the turmeric. You can mix one teaspoon turmeric powder with a glass of warm milk and little honey. Consume this on a daily basis for a week. And the last option is to make turmeric smoothie with 2 pieces turmeric root and blending them together with lemon juice, a tablespoon of honey, a pinch of cayenne pepper, a banana and a half-cup of water. Drink this daily until all the infection has disappeared.

2. Onions

Onions are very helpful for the overall health. Due to the sulfur compound in the onions they can help you open your sinuses and fight the bacteria and fungi. Simple preparation: place chopped onion into a pot with water. Boil it for 5 minutes and inhale the vapors for a while. Next strain the onion and drink the liquid from it. You can repeat this procedure for few times a day for a week and you will notice the effect. The sinus infection has gone away.

3. Oil made of oregano

Maybe you haven’t used oil made from oregano but you should definitely use it after you read this. The oil from oregano has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory characteristics acting as an antioxidant and boosting the immune system. Add few drops of oregano oil into a half cup boiling water. Inhale the steam and open your sinuses clearing congestion. You can repeat this until all the problem disappears. You can even try putting few drops in a glass of water and drink that. Try putting few droplets of the oil under the tongue, and this will also help with the sinus infections. You can use any of these tips to help your sinus infections.

4. Horseradish

The perfect remedy for removing mucus from the nasal passages is the horseradish. They contain sulfur and act like a natural antibiotic. Put grated horseradish in the mouth and keep it until the flavor dissipates then swallow. Repeat this few times a day for a week.

Use any treatments that suit you and get rid of the sinus infections.