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How Your Birth Order Shapes Your Personality

Let’s take a moment to analyze yourself. Were you the first, middle or the youngest child in your family?

By answering this question and reading this article you should be able to determine how your specific birth order had impact and still affects your personality even though you might be a mature adult.

There is no doubt that all parents are able to detect difference between all their kids.

They notice that their kids look different, have different habits and passions, but they also notice that they have different tastes when it comes to foods and finally, they have different personalities.

According to many experts, kids develop and act in a different manner due to their specific birth order. If parents want to raise their children in a better way they should learn more about this.

What is even more important is the fact that scientists have determined specific personality characteristics in first born children, middle born and last born children. Even only children have specific characteristics. It is interesting that in cases of huge age gap, younger children might act like firstborns too.

In addition, adopted kids usually try to play the role that their family expects and this definitely affects their personalities. For instance, have you ever wondered why your brother like painting and outdoor activates and you like to hangout with your buddies all the time?

In addition, are there any family members that think that you are a little bit bossy? In case situations like this are typical in your life you shouldn’t be worried because this is a regular occurrence in many families.

So, birth order definitely plays an important role. For instance, firstborns are idealists who were raised by young parents who wanted to do everything in their power to get the perfect child. That’s why firstborns are usually more communicative and less anxious with strangers. On the other hand, they also want to control everything and they are usually over worried.

In addition, they are extremely competitive and have great grades at school. In most cases they have good results in whatever they are doing.

Some other characteristics include leadership, responsibility, being cautious, reliability, motivation, controlling etc.

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