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If You Want To Get Rid of Warts, You Should Do This!

    1. You make a hole with the size of the wart through a thin cardboard so that the rest of the skin around the wart is protected from fire. You light a sugar cube above the wart, so that the hot mass falls directly on the wart. During this operation you may feel pain, but the wart will become more and more black and in a couple of weeks, it should disappear completely.
    1. We light a candle above it and we heat a well pointed slate pencil above the wart as much as possible. Then we stab the wart quickly from the middle towards the edge with the hot pinpoint. We repeat the procedure for 4-5 days. After 3-4 weeks, the wart will disappear.
    1. We scratch the warts, put some saliva of a drooling snail and hold it in a hot place or on the sunlight for them to dry well. They will disappear in a couple of weeks.
    1. Warts can be also removed successfully and simply by a white school chalk. We rub the wart with the chalk 2-3 times a day. We can also scrape some chalk powder, mix it with water and put that on the warts. The warts will disappear shortly.
    1. We crunch a little bit of powder from a pumpkin flower and we put it on the wart 2 times a day. In a couple of days, the wart will disappear.
    1. Put some cigarette ashes over the wart before you wash up every morning.
    1. Warts can be also removed by hydrochloric acid (you can get it at the pharmacies). You should cut the upper skin of the wart and put some hydrochloric acid over the wart itself with the help of a glass stick. The wart will fall off shortly after that.
  • Removing warts in an Indian way

Our returnee, a 75 years old man from Pridvorje, near Dubrovnik, told his neighbor (Vlaho Arkulin) how he got rid of warts which were too many and he had them on both of his hands:

“During the First World War, I was working in America”, says the old man.

One time, I met an old Indian lady who was a fortune teller.

When she saw my numerous warts, she said:
“If you want to get rid of them, you should do this: before you go to sleep at night, pick the largest wart. Take a small sewing needle and stick it deeply into the wart until you feel pain. The needle in the wart must stand upright without you holding it. The, you heat the needle from the top towards the middle with the help of a candle flame, moving it slowly. The needle will become very hot. You will feel great pain. Then, you move the flame from the needle and as soon as the pain stops, you repeat the procedure with heating it from the top towards the middle. You must repeat that 3 nights for 3 minutes and always heat the same wart.”

I decided to listen to the old lady and after 3 nights, all of the warts fell off, even the ones that I didn’t heat.

” Because I also had warts on my hands – writes Arkulin – although I didn’t want to trust my neighbor, I was still curious and performed the recipe of the old Indian lady.
I was amazed.
Even after 2 heatings, the warts started to dry and during the third one, I just removed them from my skin.
That was in 1964 and they haven’t appeared since then.”