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Nabeez – A Prophetic Sunnah Drink That Helps Alkalize and Detox the Body! (Great for Ramadan)

During the holy month of Ramadan, recipes – especially for Suhur – are currently very popular. Also, during Ramadan usually there are simple meals that provide a lot of energy.

This year the Nabeez drink is very popular, and this drink was a favorite drink to the Prophet Muhammad SAWW. The recipe drew a lot of attention because of its benefits.

In the book of drinks from Sunan Abu Dawood, the Apostle of Allah he said from the grapes to make raisins. To steep grapes in the early morning and drink the raisins in the evening.

And also steep them in evening and drink during the morning. To steep only in skin vessels and not in an earthen jar because it will become vinegar.

On a different occasion following the saying by Ibn’abbas- once Nabidh prepared for SAWW – Allah’s Messenger at the beginning of the night and he drink it in the morning. If anything was left out, it would be poured out.

Nabeez Recipe:

Note: Use either raisins or dates, but not the 2 ingredients in combination.

  • Take a handful of raisins or 6 to 7 dates (Ajwa)
  • You will need 6 to 8 oz of water.
  • Next, after the Isha prayer time, take the raisins or dates and put them in the water.
  • Let it soak overnight till the Fajr. Make sure to be at a room temperature.
  • Remove the ingredient you added and drink the water.

Remember not to leave it to soak more that 2 or 3 days because that might cause the process of alcohol brewing. You can serve Nabeez to guests instead of tea.

Nabeez and Its Importance

This is a great drink to consume during the suhoor as a pre-dawn meal. It is actually an alkalizing tonic that eliminates the acidity, and it is crucial to your digestive system because it removes the metabolic wastes from your body.

It can improve digestion because the ingredients have a high amount of fiber that is soluble. Furthermore, it can improve the memory respondents.

And also with the consumption of this drink, you can improve the functions of the organs like spleen, prostate, liver, throat, and chest.