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Never Re-Boil Water Again! Here’s Why!

You often find yourself in a situation when you (un)intentionally or (un)consciously reboiling water in the kettle. I understand the reasons, something distracted you while you were making tea, perhaps a long phone call or an urgent meeting at the office. This has already happened to everyone, but next time you sense this familiar situation, stop right there. I warn you not to boil the same water again! The main reason why you should never re-boil the same water again lies in the fact that the composition of the water at boiling point gets altered. That can be very dangerous and you know little about it.

Water turns to steam at boiling point, we know that. The steam coming off of the water is made up of volatile compounds. They burn out of the water and turn into gasses, i.e. the water is turning into steam. When you start re-boiling the already cooled down water, the dissolved volatile gasses and minerals are subjected to the same process once again and the chemical components are changing their structure for the second time. This time the process of the second change is actually very harmful.

The moment water is put for re-boiling, the dangerous components that should escape from the water will stay inside. Suddenly, you are interested in knowing more about those harmful substances, am I right? Most common, re-boiled water contains fluoride, nitrates and arsenic. It is known that healthy minerals are retained in boiled water. By re-boiling it the healthy components are creating a dangerous situation to which we are all exposed because they become amassed in the re-boiled water. For instance, calcium salts can cause kidney stones and gallstones if significant amount is consumed, and calcium salt can definitely collect in the re-boiled water.

The negative effects of re-boiled water

By drinking re-boiling water you are exposing yourself to toxic nitrates, arsenic intoxication and excessive fluoride intake.
Whenever the nitrates in water are exposed to high temperatures i.e. when the water reaches the boiling point, they become toxic. The composition of the nitrates will undergo a complete change, in other words, they are turning into nitrosamines which are carcinogenic.

By drinking re-boiled water you are at high risk of developing various types of cancers. Frequent drinking of re-boiled water leads to various health problems, such as heart disease, infertility, neurological problems and even cancer. The arsenic intoxication is the second to blame for that because the arsenic turns into invisible sediment and stays into the re-boiled water. The third serious reason to fill your kettle with fresh water instead of re-boiling the old one, is the excessive fluoride intake which might cause neurological problems. For instance, cases of children who receive too much fluoride have been reported to suffer from cognitive delays.

The bottom line is, stop exposing yourself to ‘invisible’ dangerous toxins just because you’ve decided to save a minute of your time by not changing the boiled and already cooled down water in the kettle. Filling the kettle with fresh water takes less than a minute and will keep your body toxin-free. Avoid things that are harmful for your well-being. It’s worth it!

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