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Spanking Can Cause Mental Health Problems in Children, Study Suggests…

A scientific study revealed a few days ago, shows that spanking can lead to increased defiance in kids. In other words, they tend to disobey their parents requests and demands more frequently. In addition, spanking was linked to permanent mental health problems too. This scientific study, conducted by specialists at the University of Michigan and the University of Texas in Austin claims that spanking can result in long-term developmental and social issues. The study was revealed in the latest edition of the famous Family Psychology journal and it included reports from more than 150.000 children in a period of five decades.

What is interesting is that the study has a clear definition of what spanking is – a hit with an open hand on the extremities or on the behind. If the spanking become more frequent, the chances of developing mental health problems, antisocial behavior and even aggression are getting higher too. Kids who were spanked in the childhood were usually the ones that were in favor of using physical punishment of their children too.

According to Elizabeth Gershoff, a professor of family sciences and human development and head of this study, the study was focused strictly on spanking not on forms of abusive behavior. They have determined that spanking was linked to unexpected damaging results and were not linked to short-term or long-term obedience/compliance which is actually why parents use spanking in the first place.

A report from UNICEF published two years ago, eight out of ten parents around the globe have confirmed that they have spanked their children at least once in their lifetime.

The co-author of this scientific study, professor Grogan Kaylor who works at the University of Michigan says that spanking actually produces opposite effects.

Scientists now agree that there is no proof that suggests spanking has beneficial effects on the behavior or development of kids. As a matter of fact, the final results of this practice are similar to the ones found in cases of physical abuse.

In other words, these two different behaviors are linked to each other.

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