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Never Throw Away Banana and Orange Peel! They Do Miracles For Your Body!

The skin of many vegetables is often more nutritious than the vegetable itself. Take potato peelings as an example, and we bet that you are probably one of many people that simply discard them.

Potato peel is loaded with fiber, vitamin C, contains an abundance of minerals, such as calcium, iron, potassium, and sodium. It is no surprise that the skin of some fruits can also be nutritious and useful for many purposes – like oranges and bananas, for example.

Orange Skin

Orange skin works great, but the only thing you need to remember when recycling or using orange peels, or the skin of any other fruit, is that these are often treated with chemicals and pesticides to keep away any hungry insects. Luckily, oranges are less treated with pesticides than any other fruit during the cultivation process.

However, it is still better if you give them a quick clean. Prepare a simple solution using a tablespoon of lemon juice, a tablespoon of white vinegar, and a cup of ordinary water. Soak your oranges in the solution for a couple of minutes.

The Skins Are Golden

Peels and skins of many fruits and vegetables are rich in powerful nutrients, but orange peelings are actually a little goldmine. The peel from a medium-sized orange contains approximately 60 flavonoids and 117 different phytonutrients. According to Dr J. Bhattacharjee, an Ayurvedic medicinal guru, orange rind contains nutrients that are good for the skin and the body in general, and can do some good for your homes, too.

Health Benefits of Orange Peel

In the Ayurvedic terminology, the orange skin tastes ‘titka’, meaning ‘bitter’. Orange rind will not only help you boost your metabolism, it can also improve the digestion. It does miracles in the treatment of gases, heartburn, nausea and vomiting, and it is great appetite stimulant.

It is often used to dissolve phlegm, and as an aid in treating and pacifying asthma attacks.

These medicinal properties come due to the essential oils contained in the orange skin. They have strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, the essential oil called ‘D-Limonene’ is powerful in diluting stomach acids, and maintaining good intestinal health. Last, but not less important, it provides normal function of the liver.

Reduces Cholesterol And Fends off Cancer And Osteoporosis

The latest studies have shown that orange rind can reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, meaning it is beneficial for people with high level of cholesterol. The studies also showed that the skin can fend off colon cancer and osteoporosis, thanks to the flavonoid called ‘Hesperidine’ it contains.

Calms Nerves And Provides Good Sleep

Orange skins contain essential oils that have a calming effect, making them efficient in treating a nervous disposition. The skins can also help you sleep better.

Orange Peel as a Skin Toner

Gentle rubbing of orange peel onto the skin (if you have naturally oily skin) can redress the balance of the natural oils, making it smooth and silky.

Orange skins are the most amazing natural exfoliator. They can easily remove any dead skins, and eradicate blackheads (open comedomes) in a completely natural way. You can also use the skins to treat pimples, and acne, using the natural cleansing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties of the skins.

Great Scent And Flavor

Orange skins are not only healthy and useful, they have wonderful scent, too. You can feel it as soon as you peel an orange, the air is full of wonderful fresh and zesty smell. Boil the orange peels to enhance their aroma; use a little water and add some spices, such as cloves and/or cinnamon. If you add some lovely tangy, bitter orange peel to your soups, stews and casseroles, you will sure get the best flavor.

Orange peels are great for cookies, making them super tasty and rich in vitamin C, and at the same time you will improve the immune system.

Banana Skin

The comic use of banana skin in Charlie Chaplin movies to put the skids under the Keystone cops is not their only use. Same as orange peels, banana skins need to be cleaned, too. To get rid of the pesiticide remains simply prepare the same solution as described in the introduction.

Banana skin contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which can be used not only to treat different diseases and health conditions, but also to facilitate new cell regeneration. We have listed some of the most extraordinary uses of this slippery little friend.

Filtering Agent

The latest studies have shown that banana skin can leach copper and lead from the water.

Skin’s best friend – treats insect bites, warts, psoriasis and wrinkles

Rubbing banana peel directly on the insect bite will minimize any irritation.

The peel can not only make those irritating wart disappear, but also prevent them from reappearing. It is a little trick, but try to find a way to cover the wart with a piece of banana peel, or rub the peel onto the skin area around the wart, and repeat the treatment for a week. This is the easiest way to say ‘goodbye warts’, and this time forever.


Followed by red, flaky skin, covered with crusty patches and silver scales. Apply a piece of banana peel to reduce the inflammation and soothe the irritation. Simply rub the peel on the infected areas every day, and use this method for a few days. The results will soon be visible. This treatment also brings your skin its natural moisture back.

Banana skin has the ability to help the skin recover from different ailments and conditions, thanks to its antihistamine properties. It can treat mild rashes, poison ivy rash, inflamed and irritated skin, and skin that has been overexposed to sun.

Heal Contusions

Banana skin has regenerative properties, and it can accelerate the healing of contusions.

Heal Small Cuts And Scratches

Rub the inside of a banana peal on minor cuts and scratches (be sure they have stopped bleading). This will accelerate the healing process.

Remove Splinters

Same as with warts, place a piece of banana peel (with its inside on the skin) directly on the splinter. Let the enzymes encourage the splinter to dislodge itself and migrate to the surface of the skin.

Whiter Than White

Rub the inside of a banana peel on the teeth for a few minutes several days per week. The results will be more than amazing.

Relieve Headache

Banana peel can dispatch headache. Place the peel over your forehead and lay back. Relax while the nutrients do their job.

Excellent Natural Polisher

Last, but not less important, the peel can be used as an amazing polishing agent. Remove any stringy part and rub the peel directly on the area you need to polish. The smile on your face will soon appear after you see that shine grown.

Recycling – Holistic Health Lifestyle

Healthy, holistic lifestyle means taking care of the planet’s rare resources and being as eco-friendly as you can. Do not forget that you can use waste you have (after using every possible property of the peels and the leftover skins) as a nutritious compost and cultivate healthy fruits and veggies.

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