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Use The Cabbage Leaf And Honey To Cure Cough And Bronchitis In 5 Days!

Persistent cough can bring everyone down. Sometimes even the drugs don’t help. You can use the cabbage leaf and honey to help your body heal properly without any drugs in a natural way. You can use this cure for any age. It can help also with small children as well as with adults.

All you need are 1 head cabbage and honey. The procedure is simple and here you can read about it:

Take one leaf from the cabbage head slowly. Boil it in water for couple of minutes until it becomes soft and warm. Smear one side of the leaf with honey and put the leaf on the chest with the honey on the inside between the leaf and the chest. Place nylon bags on top and wrap it with a scarf or towel. You should do this prior going to bed at night.

If you are suffering from serious cough, you can use two cabbage leafs and place them one on top of the other on the back as well. Remove it in the morning. Wipe your skin with a cloth or rinse it off.

If bronchitis is starting you can use this treatment and feel the results from the first use. You need to repeat this procedure 5 to 7 times so that the cough is removed completely.

The honey will heat the cabbage, letting it to reduce the cough and remove the inflammations. You can use castor oil instead of honey if you like.

Sometimes if you have no honey or castor oil around, and you need a treatment, you can use only the cabbage. It can help but it helps slower than when honey is used.