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Pre-Workout Common Mistakes

Most people sign up for gym memberships with a fitness goal in mind. That said, many never get closer to realizing their goal no matter how dedicated they are towards their training. To a greater extent, this could be attributed to the pre-workout mistakes most of us commit regularly.

This post is aimed at helping you avoid unproductive workouts by addressing common pre-workout mistakes you must avoid.


Are you the type to mix up a pre-workout blend in the locker-room as you first get to the gym? Big mistake. Most ingredients in your pre-workout take 30 to 60 minutes to reach optimal levels in your blood, so you aren’t reaping the benefits during your first (most important) exercises! To avoid this, take your pre-workout 30 minutes before you begin your workout.


Although training on an empty stomach might seem like a good idea if you’re aiming to burn fat, this could severely affect the quality of your workout. Often, hunger will result in a laggy workout, followed by overeating afterwards.


Give your body time to digest everything you feed it. Much like undereating, overeating will result in a sub-optimal workout as well. Just have a light- to medium-size meal an hour before your workout, so you have enough energy, but aren’t too busy digesting.


Check that your pre-workout supplement contains key ingredients including caffeine, beta-alanine and creatine monohydrate. These three ingredients found in pre-workouts like our Six Star® Pre-Workout Explosion will help to keep you focused throughout a workout and will also increase explosive strength and muscular endurance. Without any one of them, you’d be missing out on potential strength gains.


Come to the gym with a plan, so you don’t waste any time brainstorming a routine after your warm-up. Consider bringing a notebook into the gym with exercises and volume written down, so you can easily run through the workout while checking things off as you go. You can find a variety of workout plans all laid out for you with video demonstrations right here on the Six Star site!

Being prepared also refers to mental preparation. Without being focused on the workout, you’ll find your mind wandering and your lifts suffering because of it. Although caffeine can help with this, it’s ultimately up to you to develop a routine to “get your head in the game” before every workout.


A side effect to pre-workout is the fact that you want to get into the workout as soon as possible! Slow it down for a moment and hop on some cardio equipment for 5 to 10 minutes. Once you’ve broken a sweat, do some stretching of relevant body parts, then head over to the weights.

Warm-ups also include a warm-up set or two. When starting your first few exercises, keep the weight low for the first set and focus on the movement. Concentrate on the muscle that’s being worked and ensure your tempo, breathing and form are all perfect. After you’re sure of this, then increase the weight. Warm-ups are crucial to remain injury-free. Remember: a five minute warm-up could save you from a five month injury.

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