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Press These Three Points and Back Pain Will Disappear Instantly

Thousands of people suffer from back pain, and unfortunately, this painful condition can become unbearable if you don’t do something about it.

Nowadays, the conventional medicine offers various treatments for all sorts of health conditions, but so far, it hasn’t founded an effective treatment for joint or back pain.

Luckily, the traditional Chinese medicine successfully treats chronic pains with the help of acupuncture.

Our energy flows through meridians which run throughout our entire body. If this flow of energy gets damaged, we will get ill.

If we make sure there’s a proper energy flow in our body, we will successfully treat our damaged organs.

You can achieve this by pressing certain points on your body.

If you use needles, it’s acupuncture which requires special needles and a lot of knowledge.

But, if you apply pressure or massage certain points on your body, you are using acupressure which doesn’t require any specific training.

Massaging specific points on the body can relieve pain in the hips, legs, joints, and back. Regular practice will help you eliminate your pain completely.

Here are the three points you need to press and massage to eliminate your joint and back pain:

1. GB29 is the first point you need to stimulate. It’s located at the junction of the femur and pelvis, and will help you alleviate your joint and hip pain.

2. GB30 is the second point you need to stimulate in order to treat the pain located in the lower back, joints, shoulders, and hips. You will find it behind and a bit lower of your bottom, on the back end of the pelvic bone.

3. B54 is the third point to stimulate to relax the muscles, and soothe the hip and lower back pain. It’s right behind your knee.

If you stimulate these three points regularly, your joint and back pain will be gone for good.