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Benefits of Safflower oil on Your Health

Safflower oil has many benefits such as improve the immune system, control muscle contractions, reduce the symptoms of PMS, boost skin health, improve hair health, aid in weight loss, manage blood sugar and it has ability to lower cholesterol levels. This is annual plant. It is a thistle – like plant which has many branches.

The uses of this plant are barely known but its oil is used a lot. This is very valuable oil and it is extracted from the seeds of this plant. If you have problems with the blood clotting, then you should not use safflower oil because this oil is a blood thinner which means that it can slow down the blood clotting.

Also if you have an allergy to ragweed and other plants in this family, then you should avoid safflower oil because it can cause allergic reactions that can be from different causes. There are sixty countries around the world which cultivate the safflower. This oil is extracted from the seeds of safflower plant.

It is playing a big role in many countries. Even Egyptians and Greeks have used it. In the past this oil has been used for dyes but the number of uses of safflower oil is increasing in the last period. You should talk with your doctor about the intake amount of this oil.

Benefit and Healthy properties of Safflower oil

Immune system health: 

Safflower oil has omega – 6 fatty acids which can create prostaglandins. Safflower oil has hormone – like substances which can help your body to function normally which can include the processes of the immune system. This means that your body will be protected.


There are some women who have problems during menstruation because it can be uncomfortable and painful. Safflower oil has linoleic acid which can regulate the prostaglandins in your body which is a reason for dramatic hormonal fluctuations and symptoms during their menstruation. When you add safflower oil in your diet, then this will decrease the severity of the PMS symptoms and also it will regulate menstrual cycles. This is the same situation when you have hormonal supplements and it will not cause you any side effect.


Safflower oil has linoleic acid which can boost the appearance and quality of your skin. The linoleic acid can combine with the sebum to reduce acne, reduce blackheads to unclog the pores because there is a sebum build – up under your skin. Also the linoleic acid will stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells which means it can help you to clear the scars and other blemishes which are on the surface of your skin. This will make you look younger.

Hair health: 

Safflower oil has oleic acid which is very beneficial for your hair and scalp. The oleic acid will increase the circulation of your scalp which will strengthen your hair follicles and also it will stimulate hair growth. Also it will keep your hair vibrant and shiny. This is a reason why this oil is used in many cosmetic applications.


People who want to lose their weight should add safflower oil in their diets. Safflower oil has omega – 6 fatty acids which can help your body to burn fat. This vegetable oil is used in many cooking preparations. This is a reason why people who suffer from obesity should use safflower oil because they can lose weight without having to make many changes in their diets.


Safflower oil has omega – 6 fatty acids which can manage your blood sugar levels. This will help to people who suffer from diabetes to keep their blood sugar levels at stable levels. Safflower oil can also help you in the prevention of developing diabetes.

Heart health: 

There are some studies in which is shown that the safflower oil has omega – 6 fatty acids which is very important type of fatty acid that our body needs. Omega – 6 fatty acids are also known as linoleic acid. This acid will help us to build healthy balance of cholesterol in your body. Safflower oil will decrease your chances of developing atherosclerosis and other health conditions such as strokes and heart attacks that often are caused as result of this condition.