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The Best Exercise For Maintaining A Proper Posture

Exercises for a straight spine

Do you remember that in childhood you got anxious from the comments from your parents to hold your body in a straight position? No matter how boring this comments were, your parents were right.

A deformed spine – is not beautiful. Bent shoulders and back in not beautiful also. But why we are so lazy to hold our back in a straight position. The muscles on the back should strengthen every day in order to decrease the weight on you back so you can walk straight without problems.

You should do this exercise in order to strengthen your back muscles:

Lay on your stomach with your face facing the ground. Than lift the upper part of the body as high as you can. You may put your arms next to your hips and don’t move them. Stay in this position which activates the largest number of muscles and feel the tension. Repeat 10 times.

You will forget on the pain in the back and neck. You will reach a straight position of the body and you will feel more beautiful and healthier.

Deformed spine has an effect on the work of every organ in your body. This creates pressure on the chest and you lungs, liver and hearth suffer. If you hold your back in a straight position you will be healthier, more beautiful and you will have more self-confidence .

Additional motivation for women: when you back is in a straight position your breast look bigger.

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