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The Best Way To Consume Water to Obtain Its Amazing Health Benefits

Life could not exist without water. Our bodies constantly need fresh water in order to stay hydrated and function properly. Both cold and hot water have their own benefits. However, there are wrong ways of water consumption.

Most people recommend drinking 8 glasses of water every day, but this consumption is not that simple. Every person has a unique constitution, which requires different amounts of water in order to stay hydrated.

In fact, the amount of water the body needs, depends on the amount of water the body has lost during that day.

Water Should Also Be Digested

While eating, the body needs a certain amount of water to make the food somewhat liquid. If the water is not properly digested, the body does not get the right hydration. It might be strange but water needs to be digested and transformed into suitable nutrients that the body needs.

One very important thing to bear in mind is that the body is not a sponge. The bodily tissues do not soak in water and become hydrated in the very moment of consumption.

Nutritionists refuse the idea of drinking water only when thirsty because in that way people get overly dehydrated. This can be a result of the lost touch of thirst which can cause people disregard this need.

It is a general fact that people use to drink more water during the summer and less during the winter.

When You Should Drink Water

As we previously mentioned, one principal rule is to drink when you feel thirsty.

Cold water constricts the blood flow and thus makes digestion more inactive. Also, it is a well-known fact that people should not consume water while eating, but in fact the body needs fluid in order to make the food somewhat liquid. That’s why many cultures serve a cup of tea or soup with every meal or some others drink a bowl of broth before meals.

One way to activate your sense of thirst is to drink a large glass of water when you wake up and one hour before you eat your breakfast. Then, drink another glass of water one hour before your next meal.

If you regularly have 3 meals every day, practice this before every meal.

Cook Your Water

By cooking the food and drinks, the body does not need to work that hard to obtain the needed nutrients. So, boil spring or filtered water for 10 minutes, cool it down and store it in a covered container. In this way, the body will easily digest it and it will soothe inflammations.

A consumption of boiled water while still warm is even more beneficial.

  • Hot water promotes hunger and improves the digestion.
  • It provides benefits for the throat and cleanses the urinary tract.
  • It can reduce bloating, hiccups and aggravation of vata and kapha doshas.
  • It can reduce fever, asthma and cough.
  • Soothes pain in the back and hips and stimulates removal of accumulated, undigested food.

Add Some Spices To Your Water

By adding some herbs or spices to your water, you will not only make it more interesting but also more absorbing. The following spices will provide many additional benefits to your body, such as:

1. Coriander, Cumin and Fennel Seeds

Add five seeds of each spice with every 1/2 cup of water when boiling. Make sure you strain the seeds before you drink it. This mixture will stimulate your digestion and the cleansing process.

2. Cardamom, Sandalwood and Mint

During the hot summer period, these herbs will reduce the pitta irritability. Add a pinch of powdered herb or a few leaves of mint in cool water and enjoy in the cooling effect.

3. Honey

Add half a teaspoon of uncooked honey in cool water and this drink will help you lose some weight and remove excess kapha.

4. Ginger

Ginger is celebrated for its limitless benefits especially when used in the morning. A combination of a glass of water and a pinch of ginger powder can reduce the digestive fire and reduce vata and kapha excess.

5. Gold

You might be surprised by this, but gold is an important booster of the immunity. You won’t add the gold to your water, but just put it into the water when you boil it. Make sure it is 22k or even higher. If you use some ring, make sure it does not have any stones.