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The Dentists Warn: Don’t Dispose A Baby Tooth IT Can Save Your Child’s Life!

Baby teeth brought the entire game to a higher level. The brilliant discovery amazed the world of science, and you can start believing in miracles.

This is pretty similar to the concept of banking baby’s cord blood for the purpose of preserving stem cells. We have some great news for those who did not do this when their beloved baby was born. There is another way of getting stem cells from your child.

A recent study led by Dr. Songtao and his colleagues found that there are one to two dozen precious stem cells in baby teeth, and these can serve in the treatment of numerous ailments further in baby’s life. The study was conducted at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. Scientists have spent years in their effort to reveal the effect of stem cells in repairing brain, pancreas, heart and other damage caused by severe diseases.

Shi and his colleagues revealed that there is one type of stem cells in adult teeth. After they studied newly shed baby teeth from children aged 7-8, the researchers found a completely different stem cells. These were in no way similar to the stem cells they found in adult teeth.
Wonder how is this possible? You probably cannot guess the answer. The stem cells found in dental pulp regenerate into neurons, bone, cartilage and cardiac cells. The entire concept is considered as a powerful treatment for type 1 diabetes, because the stem cells found in teeth can be turned into pancreatic cells that would produce insulin.

Experts also explained that the entire process of preserving stem cells is quite complex, and these cells must be active. The dental pulp has to receive blood within at least 48 hours of the frozen stage. Cells will not survive in any time less than this. According to Dr. Peter Murray, director of Dental Regenerative Laboratory, there is a possibility to generate teeth and oral tissue from stem cells found in tooth buds, baby teeth, third molars, periodontal tissues and induced pluripotent cells.

There are professional services that preserve baby teeth for a fee. The dentist should remove baby teeth that do not dangle, otherwise the teeth may not receive enough blood necessary for the storing process. Other service providers give patients the necessary packaging and shipping supplies, which helps them store their babies’ teeth themselves. Most of the companies give a storage container and preservation solution that is necessary for the home storing process.

Check the video below to see why this topic is so important. In this video, the dentists helps parents to understand the essence of preserving their baby’s teeth. Share these findings with others, so the world hears about the latest discoveries regarding stem cell storage.