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The Effects from Walking Barefoot 5 Minutes Every Day

We come from beings that had to walk barefoot. Those were the times when there was no concept of wearing shoes or anything that could protect our feet. But, even today people that live in the country are in the habit of walking barefoot across their yards, which is good because our bodies need that sense of touch, one of the most important senses. When we put on shoes we don’t give a chance to our body to get in touch with Mother Nature.

Walking barefoot is important most of all because our extremities have points that are connected to vital organs in our body, so walking without our shoes helps stimulate these points and transmit positive energy to our organs.

The “Chi”

This concept of energy flow is nothing new to mankind and can be found in Eastern philosophies and medicine. The Chinese call this vital energy “chi”, while the Indians call it “Prana”. They believe that by stimulating certain points on our body we can affect our health in a positive way by making the energy flow. The energy flows through the meridian system, which is similar to blood flowing through the bloodstream. When the energy flows, your body recharges, and if some point in the meridian is blocked, the organ connected to it is weakened because it doesn’t receive energy. If this is happening on a continual basis, you develop a disease in connection to that organ.

So, when you walk barefoot, you send signals to the organs through these points which revive the energy flow through the meridian system. This is called “grounding” and means to connect with the natural bioelectrical field of the planet.


It is essential to find time to walk barefoot in nature. But, if you are unable to do that you can always stimulate the energy flow with foot massage. Make sure to massage your feet and hands every morning by applying strong pressure (but not too strong). Your best guide where to do the massaging can be the points where you experience pain. These pain points need massaging the most.

Foot massages are common practice among the Chinese. It is customary for the children to massage their father’s feet when the father arrives home after a long day of work. This is considered a sign of respect, but they are also aware that massaging your feet can stimulate the energy flow.

People have found out that acupressure massages can help them in solving disruptions in the work of hormones, heart failure, frequent infections, lack of energy, indigestion, tension and even sinuses. It helps the affected organs recover in the healthiest way possible.

If you decide to walk barefoot make sure to do that every day for at least five minutes and try to increase the time gradually. As a result at some point you may wake up in the morning with emotions that you haven’t experienced before, which is perfectly natural because you are reconnecting with Mother Nature and rekindling the natural intelligence of your body.

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  • Acupressure helped me with my trigger thumb. However it is not a permanent cure. It gives a temporary relief. One has to go through it on and off or whenever there is a relapse. The good thing is that it avoided me from a surgical intervention. Warm regards from Satchit