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They All Laughed When He Put A Sock Inside His Car, During Winter Time! Now They Are Doing The Same!

Winter starts with cold waves and snowfalls. It is so cool outside that your car will not be an exception to get foggy.

It is always painful to stand outside on a cold morning just to clean the windshield of your car and remove the fog from it.

The unfreezing process takes time and you have to wait until the engine warms up and then you can start the journey.

Seriously it is frustrating to do all this on a cold winter morning. Almost all the car drivers and owners face this issue regularly.

So, if you want to get rid of this frustrating situation then here is a best un-freezing method using which you can just get into your car in the morning and start the journey immediately.

The method is so easy that even you kid can do it for you. It take hardly 5 minutes for preparation and effortlessly you will get a clean windshield in the morning.

Let’s check out what you need for this method

Things you need:

  • Sock – 1 pair
  • Silica Crystal Cat Litter – 1 cup
  • Roll of tape – 1


  1. Take 1 sock and stretch it on a roll of tape and keep the mouth open.
  2. Now, put 1 cup of silica crystal cat litter in the socks through the open mouth.
  3. Let it get filled till knee point and then tie a notch at the top.
  4. Now put this socks in another sock in opposite direction so that the knot is in the downward direction.
  5. Close the end of this socks and keep it on the dashboard of your car or hide it under the seat.

The silica crystal cat litter is a super absorbent and will absorb all the moisture from your car. It is also helpful to remove the bad odor from your car. Keep this thing overnight in your car.

In the morning, you will find a car with a clear windshield. Pass on this information to your friend and family.

Have a clear and joyful winter morning and enjoy your ride!

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