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You Think Orange Peel is of No Use? Checkout the Benefits

Orange is known to be one of the most favorite fruits around the world. Besides its great taste and numerous health benefits, here is what you can use its peel for.

  1. Body peeling

If you want your skin to be light, smooth and firm, all you need to do is put orange peel in gauze and use it as a sponge while showering. This is the simplest body peeling there is.

  1. Get rid of insects

Place an orange peel in the places where you think insects come from. Mosquitoes, ants and moths cannot stand some elements found in the skins of oranges.

  1. Get rid of shoes’ bad smell

Put orange peel in a cloth bag, tie the bag and place it in the shoes from which bad smell spreads. The peel will completely absorb the smell.

  1. For cleaning

Put bigger orange peel in a glass jar and pour white vinegar over it, just enough to cover it. Keep the jar in the fridge for several weeks and make sure to stir it occasionally. After that, strain the mixture and transfer it in a bottle with a sprayer. Use this mixture to clean windows and floors.

  1. Water stains

If you are bothered by water stains, which usually occur on taps, you can use the inside of an orange peel to clean them.

  1. Freshen the interior

Orange has pleasant and refreshing smell. Dry several orange peels in the oven, then blend them and place them in small cloth bags. Place the bags in the bathroom, closets etc.

  1. Make a candle

Carefully peel off half of the orange’s peel. Put little bit of oil in it and light the little white wick-like piece (look photo). Enjoy orange’s great smell!

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