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This Is How a Cup of Cold Water After Meals Affects Your Body?

You probably do it yourself not knowing the danger. After you finish a meal you enjoy a cold beverage. Well even if it is water, it is doing you harm. Remember what happens when cold water is poured over the grease in the pan after frying. The same is happening in your digestive system.

The cold water will solidify oily parts of food in the stomach that are consumed during the meal and create a solid mass of it. This mass is difficult to digest. And not being able to properly digest your food can be harmful to your body in many ways. The undigested chunks of food can cause intestate disorders, a weak immune system and even cancer.

Therefore, after a meal it would be best if you eat a hot soup or drink a glass of room temperature water or hot tea. Drinking warmer liquids will aid your digestive system by increasing its activity. This will, in return, allow your body to absorb the proper amount of energy and nutrition from the foods you consumed.

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