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This Is The Best Natural Laxative That Will Help You Empty Your Intestines And Remove The Excess Of Liquids!

Constipation appears when one lacks sufficient fiber or water in their food.

It can also be the result of the absence of exercise or it can be a side effect of diverse drugs. We all suffer from this problem from time to the time, but the good news is that we have a big number of natural remedies that can help us against it.

With some small changes in your daily routine, you are going to fight this problem with little money and be healthy.

Here, we’re presenting you a homemade marmalade which is actually a natural laxative. It is very economic and easy to prepare!

You need:

– 150 gr. of dates with bones (1 cup)

– 150 gr. of plums (1 cup)

– 5 cups of boiled water (less if you want a thicker marmalade)


  • Cut the dates into small pieces and add them into the water.
  • Cook the mixture until it becomes dense.
  • You should get 20 portions of a tablespoon.
  • Everyone can consume it, no matter their age.
  • Eat it for breakfast.

Add into yoghurt, cereals or combine it with whatever you want.

The plums are an excellent source of fiber. Also, they are rich in sorbitol that can soften the dregs and relieve constipation in a couple of hours.

You can put several plums in a glass of water and leave them throughout the night. Consume the plums the following morning.

If you suffer from constipation and no natural method helps you, visit your doctor and tell them about your problem.

You can combine several methods, too. For example increase the fiber in your diet, go for a walk, drink tea regularly and do yoga. Do not mix more than one type of laxative at the same time!

Intake foods high in fiber and drink a lot of water! They will not only help you relieve the symptoms, but you will also fight constipation.

Although it seems a bit unpleasant to be in the bathroom for a longer period of time, try to relax your intestines and everything will be OK?

Consume lemon water. The citric acid will help you smoothen the dregs and facilitate the movement of the intestines.

It can be difficult to predict what method will work the best, but you’ll notice that in time. Make sure that you have the time and availability to use your bathroom when it is necessary.

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