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USEFUL TIPS: How To Eat Properly According To The Shape of The Body You Have?

Have you ever heard that the shape of your body can really affect your line, because it’s not the same how much food “pears” intake and how much food “hourglasses” intake.

That’s why, here, we’re going to present you how to eat properly according to the shape of your body.


The shape of your body is characterized by narrower hips and a non-defined waist and you’re probably skinnier. But, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of your health. So, although they don’t affect you, stay away of sweets and fast food and eat healthier fats more (avocado, almonds, salmon) as well as ingredients which are abundant in vegetable proteins (peas).


If this is your shape, you’re probably very aware that the kilograms only go into your stomach, so you must know that people with this body shape should eat smaller amounts of food more often. It’s recommended to intake at least 6 meals a day, but in smaller portions and the ingredients should be primarily rich in fiber and poor in fats. It means lots of fruits and vegetables, lots of proteins and a small amount of healthy fats. Yoghurt and fresh cheese should be on your menu regularly, especially the types of yoghurt which regulate the process of digestion. Stay away from fruits and vegetables that cause flatulence.

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This body shape is recognized by the wider hips and thighs, so these people gain kilograms mostly in these areas. One of the problems they have, besides the excess of fats in their hips and thighs is the retention of water in their organism, so that’s actually a problem you should solve with food Consume more meat, fish, eggs, milk products and food with high amounts of proteins and intake more watermelon and pineapple. They will help you in the process of detoxification and speed-up your metabolism and in order to acquire even better effects, combine them with herbal teas – especially green. Stay away from foods with high quantity of sodium and avoid refined ingredients like white bread, rice and pasta.


Although this is the most desired body shape, because you gain weight and lose weight at the same time, but you also maintain the good body shape, it seems that this wonderful body shape has one health disadvantage. Namely, it has been proved that people with this body shape, especially the ones with a little excess of weight, have a significantly increased risk of high levels of blood sugar, so it’s more than recommended to eat smaller meals, more often. These people are advised to intake meals with low glycemic index – five to six meals a day with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, “clean” proteins and a lot of healthy fats. You should also avoid various processed foods which hide numerous harmful nutrients.

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