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Want To Get A Lot Of Money In The House? DO THIS!

According to Feng Shui having this plant in the house will fill your home with positive energy and will bring you and your family great wealth. Feng Shui practitioners say that this plant will attract money to your house like a magnet and will bring about well-being and prosperity.

Do you want to know which plant this is?

We’re talking about Crassula, and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t require much attention and care, which means that almost anyone can grow it. You don’t need a big pot for the plant but if you do plant it in a bigger pot it will grow like crazy. According to Feng Shui you need to position this plant on the right side of the entrance in the most northern part of the house.

Apart from being linked to fortune and prosperity, Crassula is believed to contain ethereal oils have positive effects on both mental and physical energy in people.

The well-rooted, vibrant energy coming from new growth is what accounts for the energy of the Feng Shui plants to attract money.

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