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What Are the Benefits and Risks of a Cesarean Section

A baby can be delivered either by a vaginal birth or a caesarian section You are maybe concerned if you have an option of choosing the C-section method, and you’re doubting whether you should choose it.

In most cases, this childbirth method is planned ahead for various reasons, such as risky vaginal birth, multiple births, large baby, risky position of the baby, and existing medical condition of the mother such as HIV, diabetes, herpes, blood pressure, etc.

Emergency Cases

If there’s a need for a caesarian section for some emergency reason which hasn’t been planned, this is a potential emergency case which can put the baby, mother, or both in danger. Potential reasons for unplanned C-sections include problems during labor, lack of oxygen for the baby, blood clots, etc.

Can You Choose C-section without a Medical Reason?

The answer is yes. Women with normal pregnancies and no potential risks can choose the labor method. Those who had problems with former vaginal birth will most likely choose the C-section method if they have another baby. Although in many cases C-section was chosen to save lives, it can still be riskier than the natural delivery. This is because it includes incision on the mother’s belly to pull the baby out. Nevertheless, if the first childbirth delivery is done with a C-section, the same woman will most probably choose this method for her next deliveries.

However, natural delivery is still the most preferred childbirth method on a global level.

Advantages of C-Section for the Baby

There are no specific pros for babies when they are delivered by C-section, unless this method can prevent a possible risk Babies with wrapped umbilical cords around their bodies require C-section for a safe childbirth. Moreover, if the mother suffers from some medical issue like HIV or herpes, the baby must be delivered by this method to help prevent the infection.

Advantages of C-Section for the Mother

Caesarian section doesn’t provide any particular benefits for the mother, unless there’s risky situation. The woman won’t feel much pain during the laboring, but the recovery process will take much more time. Nevertheless, this childbirth method is good for women who can’t handle the pain.

Disadvantages of C-Section for the Baby

Babies have good chances of developing a respiratory problem at birth, which can progress into asthma or continue during their childhood There is a greater risk of the baby being stillborn if delivered by C-section. The very procedure involves invasive surgery which brings another potential risk for the baby, and that’s the risk of being nicked during the surgery.  Some studies suggest that children who were delivered by caesarian section have greater chances of getting obese as oppose to those delivered by the natural method.

Disadvantages of C-Section for the Mother

Women who have delivered their babies by C-section stay 2 to 4 days longer in hospital than those who had a natural childbirth, and if there is some more serious complication after the childbirth procedure, they stay even longer. Here’s also the pain and soreness they will feel because of the incision, which will harden their movement During the C-section surgery, the mother has greater risk of infection and blood loss.

Is the C-Section Risky?

C-section is generally safe, especially when it’s planned ahead so the doctors can analyze all the potential problems during the procedure. However, if some complication occurs suddenly, and in emergency cases, this childbirth method is indeed risky as the mother and doctor don’t have time to prepare for the surgery.

Our purpose was to inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of caesarian section, but you must know that it’s the doctor who should tell you what is the best and safest method to deliver your baby.

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