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You Have Been Lied To About Butter – Everyone Needs To Know This!

There was sufficient scientific evidence which pointed that butter is way better and healthier than margarine even in the 60s and 70s.

However, the fake processed food industry together with junk science has managed to convince millions Americans to choose margarine over butter, because of the supposedly “scientific” proofs which show that margarine is superior to butter when it comes to providing health benefits.

Saturated fats have been claimed to cause obesity and illnesses by the establishment mantra, and to be the main reason for the explosion in cardiovascular disease. However, is this true? Health.

Americans were deceived to the imposed belief by the processed food industry, the AMA, Madison Avenue and the lame stream media that the margarine, which is a plastic like, additive laced, nutritionally devoid, highly synthetic substance produced by low grade, cheap refined oils, is actually better than the real grass-fed cow butter.

Besides being incomparably tastier, butter is a natural product which was safely consumed by people for centuries.

Fake Fat Damage

Arteries and blood vessels are damaged by the partially hydrogenated fatty acids located in margarine. These acids reduce the good cholesterol and increase the triglycerides and lipoproteins levels in the blood, resulting in cardiovascular damage.

Moreover, they also increase the C-reactive protein, a cellular dysfunction and inflammatory marker. Even worse, they prevent the essential omega 3-fatty acids and prostaglandins utilization which remove blood clots. Furthermore, a diet which includes high amounts of partially hydrogenated fatty acids is related to type 2 Diabetes and insulin resistance.

Although NY Times speaks about the negative effects of hydrogenated oils on our health, they are still promoting a lot of the saturated fat evils based on myths. Our heart, lungs, bones, cell membranes, immune system, hormones, and liver need moderate amounts of high quality saturated fats so that they can work properly.

Cholesterol and fatty acids are required for healthy cell membranes, vitamin D and hormone production, as well as the utilization and transport of crucial minerals and vitamins. It was recently when the New England Journal of Medicine reinforced the connection between heart disease and trans fats. Consumption of even low trans fats levels (1%-2%) significantly raise the risk of heart disease.

A lot of people have understood that the trans fats in margarine, hydrogenated vegetable oils, and the vegetable shortening is the real villain which makes more hazardous health issues than the saturated fat. However, regardless of the scientific evidence, most government health authorities favor the low fat dogma.

The most recent U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) food chart advises lowering the intake of saturated fats to a 7% of caloric intake, less than the previous 10%.

5 Strong Reasons to Eat Real Butter

1. Raw, pastured, organic butter is rich with the anti-tumor Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Itprevents the cancer cells growth in the colon, lungs, skin, and breasts. It promotes muscle growth but prevents gaining weight, and it’s anti-fungal.

2. Butter contains four percent of the short chain fatty acid called butyric acid, which is considered to prevent tumor. In cases of potential infection, this acid signals our immune system into action.

3. The content of raw, organic pastured cream and butter includes vitamin K2, which is crucial for the vitamin D synthesis. This vitamin takes the calcium out of the bloodstream into the bone cells, thus elevating the bone density as oppose to calcifying heart and arterial tissue.

4. Butter contains the fat soluble vitamins E, D, and A, and it’s a great vehicle for their absorption.

5. Raw, unpasteurized milk, cream, and butter contain the anti-stiffness agent called Wulzen Factor. It prevents osteoarthritis and cataracts, as well as calcification of the pineal gland. This Wulzen Factor is destroyed by pasteurization.

Wise consumption of raw butter from pastured cows based on your current health, nutritional needs, and body type won’t make you fat. In facts, the content of this superfood includes medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) and short chain fatty acids (SCFA) which are easily used as energy and not notably stored as fat.

What to Look For? The Butter Pyramid!

  • Organic butter produced from raw milk from grass-fed pastured cows is placed at the top of the pyramid.
  • Organic butter produced from pasteurized milk from grass fed cows without antibiotics, or rBST and rBGH is at the middle level of the pyramid.
  • Butter produced from pasteurized milk from grain fed, confined, factory farmed cows with rBST, rBGH, and antibiotic is at the very bottom of the pyramid.

Even the butter at the base of the pyramid is better than the lab created plastic food margarine. Margarine is surely not a real food, it’s not nutritious, it’s cheap to make, and it harms our health. However, it has a higher profit margin and a longer shelf life than the real butter.

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