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You’ll Never Clean The Inside of Your Ears Again After Reading This Article

People often swab their ears after taking a shower. But little do they know that human ears are not intended for cleaning. Our body has its own hygienic process for ears and when you swab your ears with cotton, you are actually disturbing the natural process of the body.

Dangers of using cotton buds:

Ear wax is the yellowish substance which you remove from ears with cotton buds. It is actually there for the protection of ears. Earwax has antibacterial and lubricating properties that protect eardrums by keeping dirt and dust away.

By using cotton buds you are actually pushing the ear wax deeper in to your ears and to the part of the ears that do not need cleaning.

According to Dr. Douglas of American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, ear wax clean your ear canal and the ear wax that is trapped deep in the ear because of using cotton buds, takes bacteria and fungus from the outer parts of the ear to the inner parts, which can lead to infection and pain.

Dr Douglas further explains that when you clean your ears with cotton buds, you actually initiate a cycle of itching and scratching. The more you rub your ears in an attempt to clean them, the more itching you will feel just like in case of a mosquito bite. When you rub a mosquito bite, you will feel more itching.

If you really feel the urge to clean your ears:

It is highly advised by the doctors to not clean your ears with cotton buds. If you really feel the need to clean your ears then you should get it done by a medical professional.

Dr Douglas gives a tip for those who can leave their ears alone. Mix 1 part each of white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and tap water. Add a few drops of this mixture in your ear.

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