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Your Fluoride Comes from China! And It’s Laced with Heavy Metals

Are you aware of the fact that the vast majority of fluoride found in our water originates from China? On top of that, our water is contaminated with some potentially dangerous heavy metals.

A scientific report that was revealed not while ago has shown that fluoride additives used in the United States come from China and unfortunately they are packed with dangerous heavy metals. According to this report, American water supplies include sodium fluoride that is polluted with hazardous compounds like aluminum, tungsten and lead.

In addition, both uranium and strontium were identified in water supplies and in some areas the amount of these elements was incredibly high. All these things made people wonder whether industrial fluoride which is the basic element in the process of water fluoridation is pure or not.

The Results

Experts have tested sodium fluoride samples taken from the Chinese companies that sell this element to local authorities across the United States and the results were shocking. These samples have shown strong presence of toxic metals. As a matter of fact, every toxic metal was present way above the limits. In addition, researchers have created a list of median pollution levels for the samples.

This is a List of The Highest Quantity Found (in ppb – parts per billion)

  • Arsenic – 137 ppb
  • Aluminum – 283.200 ppb
  • Lead – 988 ppb
  • Strontium – 9.400 ppb
  • Tungsten – present in 30% of the samples, but the research didn’t provide exact quantity of this element.
  • Uranium – 1.400 ppb

Average Quantity Found

  • Arsenic – 70 ppb
  • Aluminum – 69.300 ppb
  • Lead – 300 ppb
  • Strontium – 1.750 ppb
  • Uranium – 240 ppb

Records show that fluoridated water is one of the most profitable businesses today and companies that are part of this industry are doing their best to maximize their profit. This is the reason why most of them turn to the most affordable fluoride sources.

Bernard Miltenberger, head of the Pure Water Committee in Western Maryland claims that the majority of fluoride used in water supplies in municipalities all over America comes from China and some municipalities know that this element is polluted with dangerous heavy metals.

Bernard got in touch with a filtration plant in Maryland and discovered that the fluoride used by this plant originates from China and it is packed with toxic elements. Solvay fluorides have released safety information and thanks to this information we can see that only one teaspoon (about 5 grams) of sodium fluoride can be lethal to a person with average weight.

In addition, long exposure to this water may lead to dental and skeletal fluorosis, kidney, thyroid, liver, mutagenic and carcinogenic effects and affects fertility too.

In other words, people should be more skeptical when it comes to official announcement and information that comes from the government and local authorities. The fact is that there is no single proof that fluoride is completely safe and that this element protects us from tooth decay. As a matter of fact, dental fluorosis is a health issue that is usually triggered by fluoride poisoning.

In case you didn’t know, fluoride is an element that originates from fluorine and fluorine is a poisonous secondary product of aluminum extraction. The United States is one of the countries with the highest consumption level of fluoride. On the other hand, nearly 98% of Western European countries have dismissed fluoridated water because this treated water was associated with many health problems.

If you take a close look at the fluoride toothpaste packaging, you will notice that there is a warning that individuals who accidentally take a pea-sized amount or more should consult a doctor right away. Keep in mind that most people use this type of toothpaste on a daily basis without being aware of the consequences.

It is always a good idea to learn more about fluoride and the risks this element brings.

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