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11 Effective Ways to Indulge Your Spine

Nowadays, people rarely think about the condition of their spine until they are faced with some extreme pain. At first, they may not be aware of how serious this problem can be and do not take a good care of it. However, a problematic spine can further cause various complications, physical discomfort and pain.

There are some ways how to prevent such spine problems:

1.Practice Yoga

Yoga provides the best exercises that will strengthen your spine. So, include yoga in your lifestyle and you will nourish your spine and return its flexibility. The following stretches are especially useful ones: Cobra pose, Cow pose, Downward Facing Dog Pose, Simple Seated Twist and Triangle Pose.

2.Eat Right

It is important to have a balanced and a healthy diet. Enrich your diet with vegetables, fruits and whole grains and avoid processed foods and unhealthy and sugary treats. Leave this only for occasional celebrations.

3.Frequently Massage Your Back

The massages will relax the muscles on your back, increase the circulation and release the tension around the spine. It will also increase the levels of endorphin, treat insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

4.Sitting Posture Matters

The sitting posture influences the health of your spine. Make sure you avoid slouching in chairs. If you have a desk job, practice sitting in a straight position and take a break every one hour to stretch your back. The chair and desk are also very important, they should be ergonomically aligned to your spine.

5.Walk More

Walk at least 5-10 minutes every day and in that way, you will relax, strengthen and improve the flexibility of your spine. If it is difficult for you to walk on the ground, try walking in a swimming pool.

6.The Pillow and Spine Should Be Friends

Choose the most suitable pillow and adjust its position to your spinal requirements. If you sleep on your back it is best to choose a flat pillow. If you sleep on the side, choose a plump pillow and if you sleep on your stomach you need to use flat pillow and a folded towel under your hips. In this way, you will support the back and release its pain.

7.Relax with Meditation

The meditation will improve your mental as well as your structural and physical health. It also will relax your mind and release the stress in tension. You probably wonder what the mind has to do with the spine? They have a strong connection to each other and a healthy mind provides a healthy spine.

8.Try Heat Therapy

The heat therapy will cure most of your pain in your back and lower back due to the increased circulation in these parts. It can do wonders joint pains and spinal spasms.

9.Exercise in Water

The solid ground can complicate the exercises of those who suffer from spinal problems. In that case, switch to water. The water will reduce the pressure affecting the spine and will make you feel lighter and balanced. These exercises are usually performed in warm waters in order to soothe the pains and tightness of the muscles.

10.Lift in The Right Manner

Any time you lift something heavy, you might feel some piercing pain in your spine. This can happen to you everywhere if you have such problems, even in the gym. For this reason, you should either lift the objects in the right manner or not lift them at all.

So, if you want to lift something correctly, lead with your hips instead of the shoulders. Bend your knees rather than your back when lifting.

11.Quit Smoking

This harmful habit can not only harm your lungs, but also affect your spine. Smoking damages the blood vessels in the joints and spine, causing serious spinal damage. According to the studies, people who smoke have a greater risk of back pains and degenerative spinal conditions.

These 11 ways will help you with your spinal problems and will provide a radical change in your body and mind.

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