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3 Mini Lifesaving Health Tests You Can Do Right Now

According to many scientists, the performance we have on daily activities can tell us a lot about our health. As a matter of fact, observing our performance can provide us more or less the same results as observing and analyzing our brain scan or blood test.

In case you are not satisfied with the results, consult your doctor and see whether you need to perform additional tests or implement some treatment strategies and plans.

3 Mini Lifesaving Health Tests

Standing Balance on One Leg Test

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Analyze yourself as you hold a position in which you are standing on one leg. Remember to keep your eyes open. Keep this position for one minute. In case you notice that you are wobbling after only 20 seconds, there is a chance that you will have problems with your brain in the future. A recent study conducted in Japan has shown that about 30% of older adults who were not able to balance for 20 seconds were experiencing micro-bleeds in their brain.

These bleeds that represent small drops of blood inside our brain come from damaged vessels and they can be identified only with the help of MRI. They are considered to be an early symptom of future dementia or stroke. But, this test is not only useful for those who are worried about their future because if you fail to pass the test you might be experiencing memory problems and decision making problems right now.

Moving from sitting to standing position


And get back in your chair. Perform this exercise ten times and check the clock to measure the time you need to complete this exercise. A UK study focused on this exercise has shown that adults who managed to perform 10 repetitions in less than 21 second had better rates when it comes to overall survival compared to people who needed more time.

In order to finish this exercise faster, you need good strength and power in the muscles located in the lower-body part, good coordination and balance and great cardio-respiratory preparedness. Scientists are convinced that poor results on this test in adults could signal the possibility of development of certain disease even when there are no actual symptoms.

Toe touching exercise

For this exercise, you will need to get down on the floor and press your head and back against a wall. While you are sitting, lean forward and touch the toes. In case they are very far from your fingers, there is a great chance that you will experience cardiovascular problems in the future. Scientists from the University of North Texas have concluded that a flexible body is often associated with flexible arteries and vice versa – people who can’t touch their toes have less flexible arteries.

The flexibility of arteries directly affects blood flow. If the arteries are not elastic (if they are stiff) which is typical for individuals that are smoking or drinking too much alcohol, the heart is forced to put more effort to pump blood which ultimately means greater chances of stroke and heart attack.

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