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3 Proven Exercises to Strengthen Your Eyesight

Bad vision is an extremely common problem. In fact, some statistics indicate that up to 70% of adults in the United States need help with their vision. This has led to a huge increase in the prescription of glasses and contacts. Furthermore, more and more people are going under the needle for LASIK surgery.

As you may already know, surgery and medical interventions always come with risks. Learn more about why eyesight seems to go wrong so often and how you can naturally improve your eyesight.

Why Does Eyesight Fail?

Although up to 70% of adults now have vision problems, the vast majority of people are not born with any vision issues. That means that these problems develop throughout life. They tend to get worse as you age, although kids are getting glasses and vision aids younger and younger now.

Clearly, there are many influences that can affect your eyesight. Learn more about the most common causes of bad vision below.

Causes of Bad Vision

Bad eyesight almost seems to be an epidemic, which is why it is such a major field of study for scientists. They have identified some of the biggest triggers for worsening vision:

Environment: The environment is always changing, and the environment that you live in today has far more toxins than the one that your ancestors lived in. These toxins, which are present in the air you breathe and the water you drink, can easily have an effect on your vision.

Visual stress: The amount of strain people put on their eyes with modern electronics can definitely contribute to bad vision. Overuse of phone screens, television sets, and tablet screens can take a toll on your eyes.

Genetics: If your parents have poor eyesight, you are more likely to experience the same issue.

Diet: The nutrients you put in your body contribute to the strength of your body systems. If your diet is lacking in the nutrients that support good eyesight, your vision may get worse.

Natural Treatments

Trying natural treatments may help you improve your eyesight and avoid the need for artificial vision aids like glasses and contact lenses. Try some of these eye training exercises to start:

1. Switching between near and far view: If you’re like most people, you likely spend most of your time either looking at a screen close-up or far away. Training your eyes to look at near and far objects is beneficial. While sitting and relaxing, focus for a few minutes on something very close to you. Then switch and focus on something far away.

2. Figure eight: With the advent of modern electronics, it’s common for your eyes to stay in a relatively fixed position for hours at a time. This exercise breaks up the stress put on your eyes. Use your gaze to trace the shape of an imaginary figure eight, keeping your head still.

3. Blinking: This may seem extremely simple, and it is. Many people do not blink often enough because they are focusing too hard on something in front of them. Spend some time consciously focusing on blinking to strengthen your eyes and give them a chance to heal.

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