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Do You Know Why Food, Sleep and Exercise are Critical to Success

The way we treat our body has a direct impact on the way we finish our daily tasks at work If you skip the exercise you usually have two times a week because of lack of time, you can expect many negative consequences that will affect your mood and productivity.

In a similar way, choosing fast food instead of home prepared meals might “buy” you some time, but the fact is that this practice will result in negative effects in the long run.

Why Food, Sleep and Exercise are Critical to Success

The following is a short list that consists of three arguments that will definitely make you pay more attention on the facts why food, sleep and exercise are critical to success.

1. Healthy food supports the body and leads to a sharp mind

Are you aware of the fact that certain types of food have the ability to make you more sharp-witted? When it comes to small business owners, the ideal foods that support the work of the brain are berries, walnuts, beets and lean protein. Include these foods on your daily menu and you will soon notice the improvement in your alertness, memory, focus and concentration.

In addition, if you want to sleep tight, include products like krill, oil MCT oil or organic honey before bedtime.

Don’t forget that when you eat plays important role too. Don’t rely on the feeling of hunger as an indicator when is the best time to eat. A recent scientific research has shown that the ideal time for the first meal is somewhere between 7am and 7:30am, lunch between 12:30 and 1pm and when it comes to dinner it would be best to have it between 6 and 6:30pm.

Even though following a strict timing is nearly impossible because modern people follow hectic lifestyles, simply following these rules whenever you can will help you with your everyday activities.

2. Working without having enough sleep guarantees limited productivity

The fact is that there are many professionals who seem to be proud of the fact that they are sleeping less and working more than the others Of course, hearing stories about people who had a 3-hour sleep and worked for 12-15 hours a day can be inspiring, this practice is very dangerous.

It is good to point out that some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world like Marc Andreessen and Arianna Huffington pay special attention to their sleeping routine. People who skip good night’s sleep frequently will eventually experience a burnout. In addition, if you are working more and sleeping less this practice will affect your productivity in a negative way.

The Harvard Medical School, or their Division of Sleep Medicine to be more precise, claims that the effects of sleep deprivation are dangerous for both your overall health and performance at work.

When we talk about short-term effects of inadequate sleep we should know that lack of proper sleep leads to changes in the mood, judgment, ability to learn and memorize things and it can also increase the chances of injuries and accidents. In the long run, continuous sleep deprivation may result in many serious health issues like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease etc.

In many cases, workers that don’t have a good night’s sleep have trouble finishing their basic tasks, tend to be irritable and aggressive or simply forget to finish some assignments. So, if you think that cutting your sleep and adding this time to your working hours is a smart move, you are completely wrong.

3. Physical activity brings positive effects to the body and mind

According to Richard Branson, a famous business magnate, exercise is good for those who want to keep their brain sharp and people can improve their overall performance at work if they are involved in regular exercise.

Workouts that take place on a daily basis are a must for those who are planning to be successful. Even Bill Gates, President Barrack Obama and Mark Cuban find time to exercise regularly.

When it comes to busy entrepreneurs, there are techniques that can help them to get involved in a workout routine gradually. To start with, keep in mind that even small changes can lead to significant difference. For instance, avoid elevators and escalators whenever you can and use the stairs instead. Work on a standing desk for a while. Don’t use your car or a bus to go to work.

If you make only one of these changes, you will soon notice the positive effects of your decision. You can expect to improve the energy levels, increase the confidence and significantly reduce stress levels After that, you will be much more interested to visit your local gym and establish a regular fitness routine.


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