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8 Foods For A Flat Belly

Watch what you eat. Even if your line have led to a perfect shape, the result will not be visible if your stomach is constantly bloated. Here are some foods that can help you against the discomfort of stomach bloating.


This vegetable is often used in salads or as an appetizer for healthy snacks. Cucumber is rich in water, which can reduse the feeling of bloating.


Watermelon can be often found on the top of the “water-rich foods” lists. One slice of watermelon has more than 100 calories and contains no sugar, so you are free to enjoy its irresistible taste.


Make an omelette and you’ll have no problem with bloating. Egg is rich in protein and when you consume it you will be freed from the pressure in the stomach.

Black grapes

This fruit is a real pleasure for your mouth, but also for the stomach. Black grapes reduce the feeling of abdominal bloating and gas that can be a real obstacle. Put this fruit in the fridge overnight and it can be served as an appetizer during the following day.

Cold coffee

If you feel the need for having a cup of coffee, bypass stomach bloating by choosing a cold coffee. If you are not a coffee person, iced tea is good choise as well. And of course, do not forget to avoid large amounts of sugar in these kinds of drinks


Include healthy fats in your diet. Avocado, fish and olive oil will relieve bloating and will not have to worry about the appearance of your stomach pressure and discomfort that he can be and how hard.


Eat almonds and pistachios, but avoid the salt, because salt supplements will increase the feeling of bloating.


This tasty vegetable is ideal for the preparation of many dishes, but also the ‘treatment’ pressure and stomach bloating. Browned zucchini will saturate without having to enter a lot of calories, so you do not have to eat extra food and increase the pressure in the stomach.

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