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8 Things About Rose Apples You Can’t Afford to Miss

The name rose apples may mislead you a bit because they are neither related to apples nor to roses. In fact, they are more closely related to guavas. These fruits can be used raw, in jams, candies, and preserves. Also, rose apples are known as water rose, bell fruit, manzana de agua, water apple, mizu and pomme d’eau.

The rose apple tree prefers hot and humid climate and gives pink-colored and bell-shaped fruits.

Reasons Why You Should Consume More Rose Apples:

1. Detoxify the Body

Rose apples are rich in diuretic properties which stimulate removal of the poisonous substances and waste products from the body. Also, they promote increased urine production so the kidneys filter out toxins at much faster rate. The high level of fiber help rose apples to sweep the impurities in the GI tract.

Furthermore, they help cleanse your body by helping detoxify your liver as well.

2. Promote Regular Bowel Movement

The abundance of fiber may prevent constipation on a regular basis. This is because fiber is a type of indigestible type of carbohydrate that adds bulk to stool thus promoting elimination. According to the experts, such high-fiber food can improve digestion and prevent piles and breast and colon cancer.

3. Keep the Heart in a Great Shape

Rose apples do not provide only benefits for your digestive system but for your circulatory system. The fiber again will help you get rid of the bad cholesterol thus preventing the risk of some heart disease.

4. Potassium Supply

This mineral plays an important role in the prevention of high blood pressure because it relaxes the blood vessels and enables a better blood flow. Potassium is also important for normal functioning of the muscles.

5. Control Diabetes

According to studies, rose apples are packed with jambosine, an important crystal-like alkaloid that regulates the conversion of starch into sugar. This particular characteristic of rose apples makes them a perfect fruit for diabetics. If you consume rose apples before meals, you will prevent a sharp increase in the blood sugar level.

6. Inhibit Infection and Diseases

Along the many important nutrients, rose apples are rich in Vitamin C, which significantly strengthens the immune system. They are in season during the summer, perfect timing for such a delicious fruit.

7. Promote Young-Looking Skin

Why most of the anti-aging products are loaded with high amounts of Vitamin C? It is because vitamin C is important for the synthesis of collagen, a structural vitamin that prevents wrinkles.  So, rose apples are an inexpensive and effective method of providing young skin.

8. Protect Against Cancer

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant whose molecules neutralize free radicals that can bring about some serious disease. So, a regular consumption of rose apples will help you lower the risk of cancer.

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