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Alcohol & Ketogenic Diet: Does It Affect Ketosis?

It is hard to have a social life in Ketogenic diet lacking alcohol. You’ll find carbs in bar and astonish if you should go for them or avoid. Great start is to cut all the wine and bear on Keto diet but you can stick to hard liquor. It is made up of grains, natural sugars, fruits and potatoes, and in the fermentation process sugar turned into ethyl alcohol.

Alcohol & Ketosis:

Some say, alcohol is zero in calories, is it wise to adopt it or not, some are confused and need a guide, yet it is better to give up on it.  The Ketogenic diet is low-carb, medium-protein and high-fat content but the fourth macronutrient is alcohol. If you love drinking and want to enjoy it on Keto, but unaware of its guidelines, let us tell you the best.

When you consume alcohol, body cells accelerate and detect it as a toxic element. Liver process it and takes resources from other procedures and one of this method is ketone production, i.e. oxidation of fat.

The fact is alcohol drinking slows down ketonic production, hence weight loss. Liver metabolism accelerates and ketonic production increases with the increase of alcohol consumption. If you are following a proper diet, it is not wise to take too much liquor because it affects ketosis. Some legitimate concerns that many ketoers have when it comes to consuming wine or alcohol are described here so that you may find the necessary things before approaching your next drink.

Is Alcohol a Low-Carb Drink?

The main molecule of alcohol (ethanol) is same for all types of drinks. Yeast works with sugar to convert it into alcohol and carbon dioxide, but sugar element and the mixture of drink determine your body consumption level of alcohol.

You need a low-carb drink, to get that follow this suggested list and scroll down to get the even more comprehensive fact sheet about low-carb alcohol by different brands.

Wine categories are unflavored/unsweetened champagne, dry white and dry red wine. These are good and low-carb, it’s per glass contain 4-5 net carbs.

Beer categories are miller 64; bud select and Michelob ultra since some beers are high in carbs, see the labeling before use.

Beer is made up of yeast, hops, barley and water. Barley breaks down into maltose and yeast work on it; this process produces carbohydrates that may slow down the ketosis process.

Liquor categories are whiskey, rum, tequila, vodka and gin. Unsweetened and unflavored liquor is zero net carbs, but mixers have carbs it’s good to avoid them on the keto diet.

Cocktails, mixed beverages, sugary, soda, juices and syrups should cut on a diet process. Flavored alcohol and sweet drinks add more carbs to your diet, some ketoers even feel a difference after consuming one drink, and some feel nothing after drinking many. If this is the case, you first check your ketone level, if you will not, and you may not get the idea where is your ketosis.

Ketosis is due to fat burning process but consuming alcohol slows this process, hence weight loss. A drink means now less fatty acids will be converted into ketones and liver do processing of alcohol that says there is noticeable less fat burning.

On a Keto diet, body tolerance to alcohol reduces, and when you enter in fasting, this process aggravates. As the body is now get to consume fat instead of glucose, stored glycogen depletes, but with high alcohol consumption, the liver starts working on it. If you are capable of showing tolerance to alcohol, it is a good sign, but sooner you’ll feel drunk, and there is a good chance to eat high carb.

Consuming food on Ketogenic diet needs counting macros and cutting calories. Ketoers should follow the nutritional value of food and quality to maintain the ketone level. It is true that alcohol adds to calories but have no nutritional benefits, no minerals and vitamins as compared to other keto food. You need to monitor daily lifestyle and eating habits but do not add alcohol to regular dietary habits.

What to Drink on Keto Diet?

For what drink you should go and what to avoid is a matter of concern for ketoers.

When it comes to choosing best alcohol on the ketognic diet, people often confuse and use more carbs than needed.

The list of beverages from which you need to decide is here:

Vodka: A straight vodka is a good option that is sugarless and syrup-less

Whiskey (Bourbon/Scotch): They are zero carbs, dark liquors and good on Keto

Rum: It is of dark color but have rich flavor, contain no carbs

Tequila: The good less carb choice, it does not have flavors or added sugar


Gin: Flavored gins are good to go, and you can use them mixed with cocktails

Brand wines such as skinny girl

Red Wines: Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon, are best options

Beer: The light options of beers are, Bud select, Natural Light, Michelob Ultra, Rolling Rock, Miller Lite and Michelob Ultra Amber

White Wines: Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Champagne, are good to go

Avoid Mixers and Alcohol on Keto Diet:

Chasers for alcohol, be aware that sugar is under ban on the ketogenic diet. A low-carb diet is ON, and high-fat products are welcome.

Sherry: Port or sherry and sauternes are dessert wines that contain high sugar level and alcohol, for instance, only 3 oz has more than 13g carbs. It is better not to include them in a diet.

Alcopops: Wine coolers or Alcopops are soda drinks and sugar-laden with alcohol. Their common category is Smirnoff ice. Stay away from them.

Sweet Wines: These are sweeter than dry wines, served with dessert and are lighter than sherry or port. The famous wines are auslese, Moscato, Malvasia and Tokaji wines.

Margarita Mix: Sangria or margarita mix contains more than 10g carbs in just 1.5 oz. avoid them too much extent.

Liquors: They contain the right amount of carbohydrates; it is syrup and alcohol combination. It is better not to include them in a diet.

Safe Chasers:

The right options in chasers are without sugar and syrups: such as,

Seltzer water, diet tonic water, stevia, sugar-free carbonated water, mixes liquid and sugar-free drinks etc.

Bottom Line:

To stay in ketosis, choose wisely among wine and alcohol. On Ketogenic diet, you may experience a lower level of tolerance, so your behavior with alcohol may also be different. Still, if you cannot resist drinking, go for sugar-less, less carb drinks rather sugary, flavored drinks. Monitor ketosis level and ketonic production and notice any variation in your body state.

Everything that is sweet and high carb is not keto friendly, so go clear and hard with clear perception.


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