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Best Makeup Tips And Tricks

Foundation Tips

Foundation works amazingly well to give you even skin tone and a clear, flawless complexion. These tips will ensure you get the application right.

1. For more coverage, use a sponge or a brush instead of your fingers to dab the foundation.

2. A fluffy brush (stippling) will allow you to blend the foundation properly to avoid patchiness and a cakey effect.

3. Prevent your foundation from oxidizing by blotting your face before and after applying the foundation.

4. Always opt for a formula that will complement your skin type. Oil-free formulas are best for acne-prone skin, hydrating formulas are best for normal to dry skin, and noncomodogenic or hypoallergenic formulas are best for sensitive skin.

5. Testing a little bit of foundation on the back of your palms or the wrist never works as the skin tone of your hand is different from that of your face.
6. Choose a few shades of foundation that are similar to your skin tone, and with the help of a Q-tip, swatch the foundation around your jaw line (in between the face and the neck). Select the shade that is closest to your skin tone.

7. For sheer coverage, use your fingers to apply the foundation as the pressure applied is lesser. Use brushes for medium to full coverage for a polished look.

8. If your foundation ends up looking cakey or unnatural, just take a tissue paper and wipe off the foundation from the cheek area. This would make the skin look natural and fresh, and also make it easier to layer up on the blush without making it look fake.

9.To make the consistency of the foundation a bit thicker, add some loose powder to it. Keep it minimum – adding excessive powder will only make the face look cakey.

10. Mix your moisturizer with your foundation. It will double up as a tinted moisturizer.

Concealer Tips

Got ugly dark circles that make you look tired exhausted even if you have done nothing but sleep? They may be hereditary. Whatever the reason, here are some tips to use the concealer that will make your circles disappear instantly!

11. Choose a concealer that is a shade lighter than your original skin tone, depending on the undertone of your coverage area.

12. Prep the under eye are by using a hydrating, fast-absorbing eye cream that allows the product to glide on smoothly and evenly. This will also help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

13. Apply a yellow corrector to neutralize the redness on the face, and an orange corrector to cover up the dark circles and even out the pigmented areas. Then, apply the concealer over this.

14. After applying the concealer, blot the under eye area with a tissue paper to prevent the product from creasing around the eyes.

Face Powder Tips

One of the most commonly used products, the face powder quickly covers up any blemishes on the skin and gives it a smooth look. Face powders also absorb the excess oil and grease from your skin, reduce the shine, and make it look flawless.

15. Use a transparent face powder to retain the color of your foundation.

16. You can also use a compact plus foundation (two-in-one) that gives you ample coverage and evens out your skin.

17. Blending is the key to perfect makeup. Blend the powder in a circular motion if you are using a brush, or a dabbing motion if you are using a sponge to ensure that there are no visible fine lines.

Blush Tips

A blush adds some flush and brilliance to your face.

18. Applying the blush in layers will make it last for hours and provide an intense color.

19. Apply the blush starting from the center of your rosy cheeks (apples), and blend it in an upward direction towards your temples.

20. Apply your favorite blush on the cheeks before applying the foundation for a natural glow that looks like the radiance is being emitted from within the skin.

Bronzer Tips

Bronze like a pro! Bronzers give you a dusky look. Check out these tips to apply the bronzer perfectly.

21. Choose earthy brown shades over orange tones to achieve a perfect sun-kissed look.

22. Apply the bronzer on the areas where the sunlight would naturally reflect on your face. The areas you would need to concentrate on are – the bridge of your nose, the forehead, and the center of your cheeks (apples).

23. Dust some bronzer powder on the length of your neck and cleavage area if you are wearing a revealing outfit.

24. To get the high cheek bone effect, use the bronzer under your cheekbone and a highlighter on the actual cheekbone.

Eyeshadow Tips

Ah! Those lovely shaded eyeshadow palettes! Who can resist them once you see them on display at any makeup counter? Here are some tips for applying the eyeshadow.

25. If you want to achieve intensity using glitter or shimmer eyeshadow, spray some water on the eyeshadow brush. Then, load the product onto the semi-wet brush and pat it on the eyelids.

26. Do not forget to use an eye primer. This helps your eyeshadow stay on for a longer time and makes it crease-proof.

27. To contour the eyes, use shades of brown/dark brown on the crease of the eyes.

28. When applying a darker color on your crease, make sure that you blend it only on the outer edge. If you apply it closer to your eyes, they can look smaller.

29. To make the eyeshadow intense, apply a white eye pencil as a base for the eyeshadow. This would make the color pop.

Eyeliner Tips

Eyeliner defines your eyes. It is an important part of every makeup routine. Eyeliners make your eyes appear bigger, and therefore, make you look attractive. Here are some tips for perfectly lined eyes.

30. Liner is always applied after the eyeshadow, and before the mascara. But make sure you apply the mascara only after the eyeliner dries.

31. For a softer look, smudge the eyeliner gently using cotton buds, or your magical fingers. You could also use a swab like makeup brush if you have any.

32. To achieve an intense black color, use a deep black eyeshadow over the liner. This immediately intensifies your liner, and makes it last longer.

33. You could soften the line a little using an eyeshadow brush and a shadow of a similar shade.

34. For an easier application, start by dotting the eyes with the eyeliner close to the lash line. Then, slowly join all the dots to get the perfect liner look.

Eye Pencil Tips

Women have been using ‘kohl’ since centuries to enhance their eyes and get that sultry, seductive look. The problem with kohl is that it can smudge easily. Let’s check out some tips to use an eye pencil in the right way and to ensure it stays smudge-free.

35. Pat some compact or face powder under your eyes to remove the excess oil before you apply the kohl.

36. Take an eyeshadow that is of the same color as your eye pencil and apply it over the eye pencil using a flat or angular brush. This absorbs excess moisture or oils that cause the smudging. It will also intensify the color of the pencil.

37. Apply a liquid liner on the lower lids after applying kohl or eye pencil. Once the liquid liner dries up, it acts like a wall and prevents the kohl from turning smudgy. It also looks very neat.

38. If you have oily lids, you can use ear buds to blot the excess oil and to wipe off any smudging.

39. Turn your eye pencil into a gel-based eyeliner with a lighter or a matchbox.

Burn the tip of the pencil for a second and then let it cool for about 15 seconds. The consistency of the eye pencil will change.

40.For an instant smokey eyed look, draw a slanted hashtag with the eye pencil on the outer corner of the eyes and smudge it with a smudging brush.

Mascara Tips

Those thick luscious lashes can make any man swoon! Here are some tips for mascara application.

41. To add gorgeous length to your lashes, coat your lashes with mascara, and allow them to dry. Reapply. Two coats will work wonders for your lashes.

42. You would have noticed that mascara often gets runny because it tends to smudge over the already applied makeup, i.e. concealer or eye cream. Dabbing some translucent powder under the eyes and over them will prevent this.

43. Apply translucent/transparent powder over the eyelashes and let it rest for a few seconds. Now apply your favorite mascara. This would add volume to the lashes instantly.

44. Use your mascara as an eyeliner by swiping the liner brush onto the mascara wand and use it on the eyes as a gel liner.

45. Never ever pump the wand of the mascara while pulling the product out. This adds more air in the mascara tube and makes the mascara dry faster than usual. Instead, swirl the wand.

46. Start applying the mascara from the roots of the lashes and wriggle it back and forth to add more volume to the roots. Avoid adding excessive product on the length of the lashes as it would weigh the lashes down.

White/Beige Eye Pencil/Liner Tips

This is truly a magical product to make your eyes seem wide and opened-up. Whenever you use this, always remember that “lesser is better.”

47. Apply it on the inside rim of the lower waterline to make your eyes look pretty and fresh.

48. Using a white pencil on the upper eyelid as a base makes the eyeshadow look more intense and bright.

49. Stark white may look ghastly, so opt for a beige (skin color) shade.

Tips To Brighten Tired Eyes

Here are some quick makeup tips to illuminate tired eyes.

50. Apply a concealer under the eyes to lighten the dark circles.

51. Apply mascara layer by layer as it opens up the eyes and makes you look fresh.

52. Wanna look fresh all day long? Use a gold/silver highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes to make the face look more fresh and awake.

Lipstick Tips

Makeup is incomplete without a dash of color on your lips. Whether it is bold or neutral, a lipstick is an absolute must in your makeup arsenal. Here are some lipstick makeup tips that will truly set you apart from the rest.

53. Apply a lip balm/lip conditioner a few minutes before you apply lipstick. This creates a soft base and makes your lips supple.

54. Afraid of wearing a bold lip color? Swipe a coat of the lip color gently on the lips and blend it with your fingers for a stained look. This adds a dash of color to your lips, yet gives them a natural look.

55. For fuller lips, use a darker shade of lip color all over the lips and a lighter color of the same shade on the center of the lips. Finish it by using a lip gloss.

56. To make any lipstick look matte, use a translucent/transparent powder over the lipstick and let it rest for a few seconds. Then, blend it with a flat or fluffy brush. This would instantly create a matte finish look.

57. Make your own lipstick (DIY) by mixing your eyeshadow or blush with Vaseline and apply it with a Q-tip or your fingers on your lips.

Lip Liner Tips

A lip liner adds dimension to your lips and prevents bleeding of your lip color.

58. Lip liners must complement the color of your lipstick. It is best to buy them together.

59. Applying a lip liner is easier if the tip is blunt. Running the sharp tip on a tissue will help blunt the tip.

60. In case you have very few lip colors, don’t worry. You can create new shades by mixing different colors.

Lip Gloss Tips

Get a shiny pout using your favorite lip gloss with these tips and tricks.

61. If you have thin lips, apply lip gloss on the center of your lips to create an illusion of a juicy pout.

62. To ensure your lip gloss lasts longer, sprinkle a thin layer of face powder on your lips, and then remove the excess powder using a tissue. This way, the gloss will not smudge or melt.

Tips For Fuller Lips

Every girl dreams of fuller and kissable lips. And why to go under the knife when you can follow these popular tips used by makeup artists to make thinner lips look fuller!

63. Dab a cream-based highlighter on the Cupid’s bow and on the center of the lips so that it reflects light and gives the illusion of fuller lips.

64. Overdraw your lips with the lip pencil and apply coats of lip gloss for a fuller look.

65. Avoid using dark lip colors as they flatten the appearance of your mouth.

66. Flaky and dry lips reflect less light, making them look smaller and thinner. So, the best way is to scrub your lips on a daily basis with your toothbrush.

67. Apply a light colored, shimmery gloss all over your lips. Make sure you start by applying it to the center and then blending it outwards. The gloss will reflect light and make your pout look fuller.

Secret Makeup Tips

68. People with oily skin can look for foundations containing silica as it helps control oil secretion.

69. Remember, using a makeup remover to clean out waterproof cosmetics also wipes out the protective layer of sebum from the skin. Therefore, you should use waterproof cosmetics only occasionally and not on a routine basis.

70. Clean your makeup brushes after every use with a brush cleanser. It disinfects your brushes and kills the bacteria on them. Clean them with baby shampoo and water once a week to retain the softness.

71. You should use a broad spectrum sunscreen. A sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 15 or higher, and with ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, is very effective in preventing the harmful effects of UVA rays from affecting your skin.

72. For instant and intense smoky eyes, use a liquid liner on the eyelids and then smudge it immediately with a flat eyeshadow brush. Then, blend it with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

73. To instantly curl your lashes, heat the eyelash curler with a blow dryer. This makes curling your lashes much easier.

74. Makeup is all about blending. Make sure you blend your makeup perfectly so it appears natural and looks professionally done.

75. Apply a white eyepencil on the brow bone and smudge it with your fingers. This adds a lift to the brows and also highlights the area.

76. Mix your primer, foundation, and sunscreen, and scrape some compact powder that matches your skin tone to make your own BB cream!

77. Use a visiting card to create a perfect winged liner look, hold the visiting card diagonally on the outer corner of the eyes and create a wing. Gradually pull the line towards the inner corner of the eyes to complete the look.

78. To correct any makeup flaws, dip a Q-tip into a moisturizer/eye cream and clean the area.

79. Add a glow to your face with any glossy textured lipstick in your favorite nude shade. Apply it on the higher planes of the face with your fingers for an illuminated look.

80. Like waterproof mascara but struggle to remove it? Now you won’t! Apply a coat of a regular mascara as usual and layer it up with the waterproof mascara. This way the waterproof mascara locks into the regular mascara instead of the lashes, and it becomes easy to remove it.

81. Apply a setting spray once you are done with the makeup and then use a powder while the face is still wet. This would set your makeup even more.

82. Its all about using the right brush for the right technique, use flat brushes for application of the product and fluffy brushes to blend the product.

83. If you happen to have a cream base blush and you are thinking of trashing it, you can give this a try! Dab some on the lips and wear it as a lip stain.

84. To treat dry lips just before the application of the lipstick, use Vaseline and a toothbrush to exfoliate the lips and get rid of the dryness and flakiness.

85. For a clump-free mascara look, dab your mascara wand on a tissue paper before applying. This helps the wand to get rid of the excess product and helps in achieving a clump-free look.

86. Fix your broken lipstick easily by using a lighter and burning the broken part, letting it cool for 20 seconds, and then fixing it into the other half of the lipstick slowly.

87. Make your own glitter eye liner(DIY). Add some loose glitter pigments and apply it with an angular brush over your liquid liner.

88. To make the eyes look lifted, start applying the eyeliner from the lower lash line and pull it up on the outer corner of the eye, making a wing. Gradually join the wing on to the upper lid. This makes the eyes looks elevated.

89. To minimize the visibility of pigmentation/hyper pigmentation, use a pink or red lipstick under the eyes and blend it with your fingers. After that, even it out with a concealer that matches your skin tone – and see the magic!

90. Quick fix your broken powder base products(eyeshadow, blush, and, compact powder) by mixing rubbing alcohol on the powder and press it lightly with your fingers to make a flat surface. Once that’s done, layer the product with a plastic sheet and again press the surface with your fingers. Let it dry overnight.

91. Ensure that you moisturize your skin well before putting on the makeup. Apply moisturizer with your hands – due to the heat of the body, the ingredients in the product gets activated and absorb better into the skin.

92. To avoid the lipstick getting onto your teeth, make a fish face and put your index finger into your mouth and pull it out. This would ensure that there is no lipstick on the inside of the lips and on your teeth.

93. Use a cream base product first on the eyes and cheeks, and then powder based. The cream holds the powder intact and the powder doesn’t let the cream fade.

94. If you think your blush/contour/bronzer looks overdone, then quickly take a compact powder in the shade that matches your skin tone and apply it over that area and dab it well. This would reduce the intensity immediately.

95. Turn your favorite eyeshadow into an eyeliner using dry or wet eyeliner brushes and dipping it into the eyeshadow.

96. To achieve a dewy look, reverse the entire pattern of applying the makeup. Wear your foundation at the end to make the face look dewy and glowy and powder the T-zone lightly.

97. Create a monochromatic look by using a cream base pink or nude highlighter and apply it on the cheeks, eyes, and lips.

98. Make your own concealer (DIY) by mixing your foundation with a translucent powder for a sheer coverage.

99. Make your own fan brush. Take a fluffy large powder brush and pinch the bristles from the center and secure the pinch with a bobby pin. Flip the brush and repeat the same. There u go, master your contour/blush/bronzer with the fan brush anytime.

100. Do not go too close to the mirror while filling your brows, take a few steps back and try filling them. This would help you in understanding the brow shape better.

101. To minimize fine lines around the eyes and mouth area, use an eye cream as most of these creams have diffusers that help in minimizing the appearance of fine lines.


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