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Look Good Without Makeup

Beauty does not only come from your makeup. You can look equally amazing without cosmetics. You just need to take care of your skin from the inside out.

Many celebrities are taking part in an interesting trend right now. They’re going out without any makeup on.

Many times, we believe that there is only one way to look good. That’s by using tons of makeup. But this isn’t the truth.

In this article, we want to share a few skin care tips. This way, you can see yourself as beautiful when you’re, as the French say, “au natural”.

It’s true that your face changes a lot when you use makeup. There’s no doubt about that. But, we should be able to accept that we are beautiful even without makeup. That means no mascara, lipstick, or blush.

A woman is more beautiful when she can realize the beauty of her features. And especially without something artificial. To look good without makeup, pay attention to this advice.

Wash your face well

If your skin is clean, you will look younger. And not just that but radiant and beautiful too! You can enjoy the benefits of facial cleansers they sell in stores. But, always be aware of their ingredients.

Many times they have strong chemicals. These can remove your dead skin cells. But, they can also cause both redness and dry skin.

Washing your face two times a day is also important. This prevents oiliness and pimples, all while making you look your best.

If you only wash your face when you take a bath or take off your makeup, think about washing it more. It’s better if you can remember to wash your face both when you get up and right before you go to sleep.

After a little while, you should see results.

Exfoliate and invigorate you skin

Besides just washing your face, exfoliating is also important. This allows you to get rid of imperfections and excess grease.

Be careful that you don’t rub too hard. Otherwise, you can cause redness and irritation. If you don’t want to use a chemical exfoliator you can try using sugar.

A skin tonic is also an important part of washing your face. It can help to restore a natural pH level. Skin tonics can also remove excess grease, shrink your pores, and more.

Just be sure to keep your skin type in mind when buying these products.

Use natural products

Makeup is costly. But, even more worrisome is the irritation and wrinkles it can cause.

Mascara, for example, requires a lot of effort to remove. This can damage your fragile eyelashes. This can be bad since they are important for protecting your eyes.

A good alternative is vaseline. With just a little bit, you can get the volume and form you want from your eyelashes.

Another natural makeup is coconut oil. You can use it on your lips in place of lipstick. It is both hydrating and protects against UV rays. This is perfect for women who have dry or chapped lips.

No lipstick, just a touch of coconut oil and you’re on your way! Your lips will look sensual, brilliant, and healthy.

Use a sunblock

Many people think the best way to look good with no makeup is to get a tan. What is certain is that sun damaged skin is never beautiful.

You even need to be careful in the winter, and on rainy or cloudy days. Otherwise, you could suffer premature aging, skin diseases, and even skin cancer.

If you have very fair skin, you should use a sun block of at least 30 SPF. And keep in mind, you don’t have to use different products. Many skin creams come with an SPF rating. And, they are also hydrating.

Don’t touch your face

This is a habitual error that many make. We touch our skin when we are nervous, bored, or hot.

But, this bad habit encourages grease production and bacteria accumulation. Both of these things can make your skin look unhealthy.

You also shouldn’t scratch your face. This can reduce skin firmness and cause premature wrinkles.

Sleep and eat well

There are many things we need to do to get a healthy looking appearance. Washing our face and keeping the sun off are good. But our care doesn’t stop there. We need to follow other healthy habits if we want radiant skin.

One good habit is to get good sleep. When you sleep well, it shows.  Your skin is relaxed and doesn’t show dark spots. You won’t have any dark circles to worry about either. Your skin will be firm and healthy.

It’s recommended that you sleep 8 hours a night.

Also, you should eat well. This will help your skin to look good. And, you won’t need pounds of makeup to hide any imperfections.

You should drink at least two liters, approximately 8 glasses, of water a day. And make sure you are including plenty of raw fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Even in the winter, a fruit or vegetable smoothie will work wonders. Your skin will look younger and healthy.

Pluck your eyebrows

Perfect eyebrows always stand out. If they look good, it won’t matter if you aren’t wearing lipstick or blush. Your eyes will look beautiful.

You can go to a beauty salon to get them plucked or do it yourself. You have many options available to you. Some like to wax, some use tweezers, some people even use threading. If you don’t want to pluck your eyebrows there’s an option for that too. Just comb them and keep them in place with a hair gel.

Other tips for looking good without makeup

  • Wash your hair once every other day. This prevents the build-up of grease.
  • Use an eyelash curler.
  • Use eye drops.
  • Pinch your cheeks to make yourself blush.
  • Take good care of your oral hygiene.