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Natural Remedies For Acne Scars

We have all suffered from the uncomfortable annoyances of acne in our youth, which are related to hormonal changes and affect the way our face looks.  But just as unpleasant as reaching maturity and experiencing those unsightly marks that permanently damage our skin, are the marks left uncured from acne’s inflammatory process.

To understand a bit more about what acne scars are, and what they are caused by, we must first understand that pimples are a enlargement caused by oil in the skin glands that accumulate bacteria and more oil. These frequently primarily effect the face and back.  Acne can be mild or serious, simple white pimples or blackheads, or can develop into painful cysts full of puss underneath the skin.

It is these nodules that are most likely to leave scars on the skin, especially if you touch them. Manipulating them always ends up in greater infection that causes those uncomfortable marks on the skin.

Types of acne scars

  • Discolored scars: marks that remain even though the pimple or blackhead has disappeared.  They have a rose-colored pigment, or can even be brown.  The make the skin ugly, and take a long time to disappear.
  • Pits or indents: Hollowing in the skin caused by acne damage that once had puss in it.  This is caused by us, when we try to pop the pimple.

Natural remedies for acne scars

The following natural remedies are what are most commonly used in creams to treat these conditions, and that normally cost a lot of money.  We should also mention, too, that results are not immediate, and you must be consistent and apply what you think is most appropriate every day, especially at night.  Over time those uncomfortable marks caused by acne will begin to dissolve.

  • Aloe vera:the meaty pulp from the leaves contains vegetable extracts that have incredible regenerative properties.  They are well known for their skin benefits, especially for healing, diminishing stretch marks, burns, and acne scars.  Using a bit of aloe pulp, at least a teaspoonful, and applying it to your scars is enough.  Let it set for 30 minutes, washing with warm water afterwards.
  • Sodium bicarbonate: sodium bicarbonate is an effective exfoliant that acts on mild scars, and is perfect for acne.  Moisten your face and apply a pinch of bicarbonate for a few seconds, over the scar.  Later, wash with warm water. You don’t need to use this remedy heavily; once a week should produce results.  Too much bicarbonate can damage sensitive skin.
  • Lemon: perfect for whitening the skin, you can use it before going to bed.  Moisten a cotton ball with lemon juice and apply to scars for roughly 15 minutes.  It is important to never expose yourself to the sun while you have lemon juice on your face, as this could damage your skin.  Always apply at night.
  • Honey: Regenerative and softening.  If you have oily skin, for example, you can mix this with egg yolk to make a mask, which is perfect for removing scars.  Apply a touch of this mixture on the scars, letting set for 20 minutes.  Wash with plenty of water to clear your face up.  We should also mention that Manuka honey possesses the best properties for the skin.
  • Rose hip oil: Just like honey, this oil possesses regenerative properties for relieving damaged tissues.  Clear stretch marks and scars by creating new tissues.  You can apply it before going to bed.  Its fragrance is also quite pleasant.
  • Tomato: possesses anti-exfoliant properties and is also rich in beta-carotenes, which are perfect for taking care of our skin.  To take advantage of its properties, cut the tomato into slices and leave on your skin for 10 minutes.  If you have a little bit more time, you can also make an excellent tonic with tomato juice and cucumber.  Blend a tomato and half a cucumber in a blender, and moisten the affected areas with this amazing tonic on a bit a cotton.
  • Vitamin E: This vitamin is indispensable for caring for our skin.  In order to take advatage of these incredible virtues, you can find it in pharmacies and herbal stores.  Vitamin E in perfect for creating shining, regenerating skin, fighting wrinkles, and toning the skin.  Scars in the skin disappear gradually if you apply it everyday with a small facial massage, to help favor its absorption. Vitamin E could be your best friend for acne scars.