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Cancer Survivor Shared the Natural Remedy That Saved Her Life!

One woman from Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country in the Balkans, who decided to remain unknown to the public, decided to share a remedy that saved her life. As a cancer survivor,  she decided to aid the patients from all over the world who are diagnosed with cancer. This modern plague now days is a real killer machine and that’s way she decided to help with giving this recipe.

This remedy is really harmful and very easy to prepare and all you need is honey and ginger. The woman claims that this recipe is the main reason why she won the fight against cancer.

When she was diagnosed with endocrine cancer, she spent 3 weeks in hospital, for a special treatment. Then she started to use this remedy regularly and the end it helped her survive the cancer without any chemotherapy or surgery. This amazing recipe saved her life and this is due to the powerful healing and healthy properties of ginger and honey.

This is the recipe for this natural remedy:

First peel 2 large ginger roots and then grind them very well. After that add 1 pound of honey.

Place and keep the remedy in a jar, and consume four teaspoons during the day. You should always use a ceramic or plastic spoon, never use a metal one.

According to her,  you should see some signs of improvement within 3 days.