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Delicious Spring Cleanse and Full Detox Smoothie

After months of comfort foods, time has come to cleanse your body and charge it with all the necessary nutrients for waking up your inner potential and getting extra energy. There is no better way for achieving this than adding green smoothie recipe to your daily menu.

Regardless of how conscientious you are about your health and fitness, your bodies are under constant assault from pollutants. Many toxins are as close as the air you breathe and danger also comes from the foods you eat, which routinely harbor additives, preservatives and pesticides. The personal choices you make, including your consumption of sugar, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco, can add to your toxin load.

Although your bodies are designed to efficiently eliminate toxins, the sheer volume of pollutants you encounter every day can tax your natural detoxification systems.

Regardless of the time of year, your bodies can always benefit from the added vitamins, minerals, fiber and superfood infusions that green smoothie can offer.

Spring is that time of the year when it’s best to develop healthier eating habits so this is a perfect opportunity for adopting green smoothies as part of your everyday menu.

You may feel like you need to press a reset button on your body for spring. The good news is it’s possible to rid your body of toxins andrestore alkalinity simply by eating right. Here is a green smoothie recipe to help detoxify, hydrate, and refresh your body all naturally, just in time for spring and summer! It is wonderful opportunity for full detox of your body– liver cleanse, colon cleanse and kidney cleanse.

Once your body eliminates the toxins that just burden your metabolism, it would be a great chance for you to reduce weight easier than before and to shed belly fat quite effectively.

The leafy greens contain chlorophyll, a molecule that helps eliminate harmful environmental toxins that can contribute to illness and liver damage. The yellow color foods included in the recipe are packed with antioxidants and enzymes and help fight free-radical damage that may lead to disease, and their sweetness takes over the more bitter taste of the greens—you won’t even notice they’re in there!

Serving Size: 2


  • 1/2 cup pineapple
  • 1/3 cup mango (or substituted with a pear)
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 cup spinach
  • a handful of baby arugula
  • 1 tsp.  grounded flax seeds
  • 1/2 cup water


Combine the ingredients in a blender and process well until everything smooth. Consume immediately.