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Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Dragon Fruit

What is useful for the body Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is one of the best exotic fruit which contains lots of health benefits and helps you improve your immune system. This fruit is also great for balancing the blood sugar levels and improves digestion. Some research studies suggest that it is great for preventing cancer and diabetes. The nutritional value is extremely high and it is considered as one of the best antioxidant. Also, dragon fruit is extremely delicious!

For those people that haven’t heard about the dragon fruit, here are some additional details.
Dragon fruit originates from South and Central America, but now it is grows in Asia and Oceania.

The size of the fruit is as one fist and it has red skin and green scales. Some other variation of this fruit has white flesh and black crunchy seeds. This fruit has mild sweet taste and both seeds and pulp are extremely nutritional.

The fruit also contains polyunsaturated fats such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as fiber, vitamin C, carbohydrates. These nutrients are great for boosting your immune system and prevent any diseases. Also it contains lots of B complex vitamins, minerals, phosphorus, iron and minerals.

Here are some benefit for health of dragon fruit:

1. Balance of the blood sugar

Dragon fruit contains extremely low glycemic index which makes it perfect for people with diabetes. On the other hand, due to this property it is great for preventing development of diabetes.
Also this fruit has a really low carbohydrate which makes it great addition to your low-carb diet. Regular use of dragon fruit can lead to reduced insulin resistance which is the main factor for developing diabetes.

2. Improves digestive tract

Due to the high source of dietary fiber that dragon fruit contains it can prevent constipation and improve your bowl movements. It is also great for improvement of the digestive system and overall health.

The dietary fiber content makes this fruit being easy soluble and can help in maintaining the blood sugar by slowing down the absorption of sugar. On the other hand, regular consumption of this fruit can lead to reduced cholesterol levels. Also due to the high level of fiber it makes you feel full for longer period of time which is great for maintaining a healthy weight.

3. Improves cardiovascular health

Consuming dragon fruit can result with reduced risk for heart diseases. This is due to the high flavonoid content that the fruit contains. According to different research studies, flavonoids that are consumed in its natural occurring form such as dragon fruit result with reduced heart attacks.

There are lots of other health benefits for the overall health. Another study researched the effect of the dragon fruit pulp on rats with diabetes. The results revealed excellent improvement in the blood vessel flexibility after only few treatments. This is important because the blood vessels become stiff as people get older and shows that dragon fruit can actually keep the cardiovascular system healthy.

4. Controls cholesterol levels

Dragon fruit contains betalain which is pigment that gives the unique color of the fruit and contains lots of health benefits. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition foods that contain betalains help you reduce the cholesterol levels.

Increased level of cholesterol could lead to serious health issues such as heart attacks. Once the cholesterol levels increase, plaque begins to build up in the blood vessels thus leading to fatal blood clots.

5. Prevents cancer

Some of the main properties of dragon fruit are the antioxidant and anti-cancer nutrients that act as preventive agents against cancer. There are different research studies that have focused on antioxidants and their role in preventing cancer. The findings suggest that these antioxidants respond very well against free radicals which affect the body and lead to development of cancer.

There is no doubt that antioxidants reduce the risk of cancer, but also they provide numerous other health benefits to the body. Dragon fruit is rich with powerful antioxidants that are consistent of flavonoids and phenols. These flavonoids and phenols target cancer directly without affecting the healthy cells. So it is highly recommended to use this fruit in order to prevent and treat cancer.

6. Reduces stroke risk

Dragon fruit contains high amount of vitamin C which is crucial for preventing stroke. Also due to the high amount of vitamin C it is great for other health benefits and great addition to your regular healthy diet. According to the American College of Clinical Nutrition high concentration of vitamin C is great for lowering the risk of stroke.

7. Improves the immune system

Regular consumption of dragon fruit can improve your immune system due to the high concentration of vitamin C content. This vitamin is crucial for the immune system and keeping the body healthy. So you should consume this fruit on regular basis in order to provide your body with the needed amount of vitamin C.

8. Improves the health of the skin

This fruit is great for improvement of the health of the skin. Regular consumption can reduce the impact of the sun over the skin, as well as slow down the process of aging. All of these benefits for the skin are due to the nutrients that dragon fruit contains. Also the vitamin C content of the fruit is great for healing wounds on the skin.

It is great for stimulating the production of collagen protein which is important for the tissues and their structure.

9. Pregnancy

Dragon fruit is great for pregnant women and their baby due to the high amount of nutrients it contains, such as calcium, protein, potassium, and iron.
Additionally, the seed contains healthy fats such as oleic acid which falls under the category of monounsaturated fats. According to research study the oleic acid acts as inhibitor of fat and cholesterol thus providing healthy nutrients for the brain and the nervous system.

Here is how to eat Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit should be consumed raw, but before that you should peel it. Also you should consume the juicy pulp which has creamy texture. The best and most tasty dragon fruits are those that are firm.

You should slice the fruit in half and remove it from the skin by using a spoon. Eat the fruit including the seeds.

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