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Get A Flat Belly In 3 Days Without Starving

If you want to get rid of bloating in record time, reach for unprocessed foods and natural diuretic which will improve your metabolism.

The secret lies in the consumption of natural, unprocessed foods that will help you to be healthier and avoid the accumulation of excess water in the body. Radical diet which starves the body is not a solution, because in a short time you cannot lose as much fat as you want.

If you want to lose weight and prominent muscles in the shortest possible time, reducing the intake of dairy products is highly recommended.  If you decide to completely throw out dairy products from the diet, you can compensate calcium by eating salmon, nuts and green vegetables.

The water is retained in the body mainly due to higher amounts of sodium, sugars, amino acids, or in other words – the poor quality of the food we eat. Therefore, the diet should include natural diuretics as well as those foods that have natural diuretic properties.

The most famous natural diuretics that can help in removing excess fluid from the body are green tea, then cranberry juice, dandelion, apple cider vinegar, fennel and nettle. In addition, apple cider vinegar lowers the potassium levels, and dandelion helps with detoxification, inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract infections.

When it comes to foods that have diuretic property, the choice is huge. Cucumbers contain a large amount of water and cause increased urination and faster removal of toxins from the body.

Asparagus, oats, lettuce, radishes, horseradish, broccoli and fresh onion will also help you to get rid of waste products from the body.

Among the natural diuretics are particularly interesting choice are beetroot, cabbage and garlic, which remove fatty deposits in the body. Tomato is also a natural diuretic and rich in vitamin C, which helps the metabolism and releases the water from the kidneys. For the purpose of high carotene, carrots manage to speed up the metabolism and elimination of fat and waste products.

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