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Impressive Health Benefits of Chives

Useful properties of Chives

This vegetable is part of the family Allium. It does not look like onion, but is part of the onions even is the smallest onion. Chives are having many benefits for people who are consuming it. It is native to North America, Asia and Europe. But nowadays it is spread everywhere. It is also one of the most famous vegetables in cuisine. It added to many dishes. The hollow steams of chives are used for salads, soups, fishes, potato dishes, Mexican cuisine and many other types of dishes.

Their smell is like the other members from the family Allium. This vegetable has long history in medicine. It has been used for many types of disease because it has many health benefits. They have similar beneficial with the garlic.

Here are some benefits for health of Chives:

Immune system booster:

It Care rich with organic components and with nutrients. They are important for your health because they are boosting the immune system. Also the chives are rich with Vitamin C. This vitamin is boosting the immune system and also it has major role in collagen and white blood cells formation. Collagen is vital components for formation of the cells, tissues, muscles and new blood vessels.

Cancer prevention: 

Chives are source of quercetin which has major role for preventing your organism from cancers. There are many studies in the past which are done for this element and also there are many studies for quercetin in nowadays. Medical scientists want to be sure how quercetin is having positive effect on some types of cancers such as colon, prostate, ovaries and breast lung cancers. Vitamin K and Vitamin C which are components of the chives are preventing against any type of cancer. These vitamins are reducing the levels of the free radicals in the body which can be reason for cancer to spread on the normal and healthy cells. This vegetable is having antioxidant properties. Medical experts have said that two known antioxidant components of the chives are zeaxanthin and lutein. These anti-oxidants are lowering the chances to get oral cancers.

Birth defects: 

Folic acid which is components of the it is nutrient which is giving safe to the pregnant women because folic acid has vital effect on the development of the infant. They are having effects on decreasing the neural tube disorders which can appear in newborn infants.

Vision health: 

Lutein, carotenes and zeaxanthin which are components of the chives are reducing the oxidative stress in the ocular system. They are also lowering the risk of getting cataracts. Also this vegetable is preventing your health from macular degeneration. When you are old adult you should consume chives because it is ensuring your health and is keeping your eyes healthy.

Bone health: 

There are many minerals and vitamins which are components of the chive. Vitamin K is playing vital role in chives which is charged with the health on the human. Vitamin K is vital vitamin for the bone integrity and bone mineral density. When we are getting older our organism is getting weaker and can have some serious conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis. Vitamin K which is component of the chives can help for producing the osteocalcin which is vital for keeping the bones strength.

Heart health: 

Allicin which is component of the chives has ability to lower the low-density cholesterol and also is vital for improving the heart health. Also this element has ability to lower the blood pressure. Quercetin which is also component of the chives is lowering the cholesterol levels in the plaque. Also this element is preventing you from heart attacks, strokes and atherosclerosis.

Digestive Issues: 

The organic compounds and allyl sulfides which are components of the chives have similar effects with the garlic on the digestive system. They also can ease the digestive comfort in your body. it are also having ability to eliminate some bacteria such as salmonella which can make many serious damages in your health. When you are consuming chives, then you are ensuring your organism that will get enough nutrients from food as it is possible.

Sleep and mood: 

Choline which is component of chives is helping with you sleeping. It is very effective for people who don’t have quality sleeping. Also if you take chives, then you can increase your memory and learning abilities. Folate which is also component of the chives is helping against the depression.