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8 Impressive Health Benefits of Guava

Guava has many benefits that can help you to have effective natural treatment for scurvy, weight loss, high blood pressure, skin care, cold, cough, constipation, dysentery and diarrhea. This is mouth watering fruit. Many of us never have tasted it.

This is one of the most common fruits in Asian countries. Nowadays is increased the number of western countries in which we can find this fruit. This fruit has shape as pear and it is seasonal fruit. It can be maroon, yellow or light green in the color.

Also it has maroon or white flesh and it has a lot of small hard seeds that enveloped in very sweet and soft pulp. You can eat it in raw form (in semi – ripe or ripe) or in the form of jellies or jams. You should take this fruit after you have talked with your doctor if you have decided to use in medical form.

Benefits of Guava: top 8 Healthy properties

High blood pressure: 

This fruit will help you to reduce the cholesterol in your blood and it can prevent it from thickening. It can reduce your blood pressure and maintain the fluidity of blood. It is rich with a hypoglycemic and fiber which can help you to reduce the blood pressure.

Skin care: 

Guava can help you to avoid skin problems and to improve the texture of your skin. This is possible because it has abundance of astringents in its leaves and the fruit. You can eat this fruit which will help you to tighten your muscles apart from your skin that will lead to better skin health. Also you can rinse your skin with a decoction of its immature leaves and fruit. This will tighten and tone up the areas of your skin where you have applied it. It has antioxidant components such potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Vitamin A. they are good detoxifiers and antioxidants which can keep your skin free from signs of premature aging, wrinkles and keep your skin glowing.

Cough and cold: 

A decoction of the guava leaves and the juice of raw and immature guavas that can help you to get a relief from the cold and cough. It will reduce the mucus and it will disinfect your lungs, throat and your respiratory tract. It has astringent which will inhibit the microbial activity. This fruit has iron and Vitamin C that can prevent viral infections and colds. In some parts of India the roasted ripe guava is used as a natural remedy against extreme cases of congestion, cold and cough. People who suffer from cough and cold should avoid ripe guava because it can exacerbate the problem. Also you should avoid drinking water immediately after eating guava because this can lead to sore throat.

Brain health: 

Guavas have Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B3 which will stimulate your cognitive function and increase your blood flow. Vitamin B6 is one of the best nutrients for nerve function and brain. This fruit will sharpen your focus and increase the brain function.


Guava is rich with dietary fiber. You can chew the guava seeds or ingested them whole. They are one of the best laxatives. These properties will also help you to have healthy bowel movement. They will aid the body in retaining water and they clean your intestines excretory system.

Thyroid health: 

Guava is rich with copper that can regulate your thyroid metabolism because they help to control absorption and hormone production.

Diarrhea and dysentery: 

It has astringents that are component which make you feel fresher and tighter. After you have chewed guava leaves, you should eat a raw guava that will make your mouth to feel healthier. Also you can use guava based toothpaste. This will help you to reduce the symptoms of diarrhea and it can help you to loose the bowels movements. These astringents are alkaline in nature which have anti – bacterial and disinfect properties. It will help you to cure dysentery by inhibiting the microbial growth and it will remove the extra mucus from the intestines. Also it has potassium, Carotenoids and Vitamin C that will strength and tones your digestive system and they will disinfect it.


If you have deficiency of Vitamin C in your body, then this can lead to scurvy. You should eat guava because it will help you to cure of this disease.

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