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Amazing Benefits of Graviola on Your Health

Graviola is tropical fruit which is used in traditional medicine to treat infections and cancer. This fruit has more names such as Brazilian paw paw, custard apple, soursop and guanabana. Graviola is difficult to eat and its pulp is used in juice production. Most of the local stores are selling guanabana nectar. There are many good effects from eating this fruit.

Benefit and Healthy properties of Graviola

Pancreatic cancer: 

When people are having pancreatic cancer, they have increased glucose concentration in the tumor and increased metabolic activity. Many studies have shown that graviola extract is containing acetogenins which is decreasing ATP production and also is killing cancer cells. This fruit is not affecting  the healthy cells.

Lung cancer: 

Adriamycin which is contained in the graviola is used as chemotherapy drugs for blood cancers and lung cancers. Also this component is increasing the growth of the cancer cells in the lungs. But graviola can be dangerous for those patients with brain cancers and lung cancers where they have a clustered amount of cancer dead cells.

Breast cancer: 

Many cases have shown that this fruit extract is good for breast cancer treatment. It is inhibiting the growth of a gene which expresses the cell growth in the way to improve the health.

Stronger immune system: 

Graviola is good for your health. It contains lots of excellent properties which are making the immune system stronger. These properties are killing the free radicals in your organism and they are making your immune system to be maximum health. If your immune system is at maximum health, your immune system will effectively perform its functions.

Increased energy: 

Graviola contains properties which are giving energy to your body. When you consume this fruit constantly, you will feel full of energy, your body will be more active and you will not feel lethargic all day.

Osteoporosis prevention: 

Graviola is having calcium and phosphorous. The both elements, calcium and phosphorous strengthen the bones. This fruit prevents from bone diseases and joint diseases.

Regular bowel movements: 

Graviola is rich with fiber. If you are consuming this fruit in your everyday meal, you will have regular bowel movements. Also if you have hemorrhoids and constipation, you should not be worried.

Treating viral infections: 

In all traditional medicines extract from garviola-leaves is used for treating viral infections. The extract which is found in the graviola-leaves suppressed the herpes simplex virus. This virus is often transmitted through sexual activities or through kissing. It is spread through bodily fluids. Many studies have shown that even there are many medicines for treating viral infections, they just lessen the symptoms and not provide the completely treatment. But graviola is leading because all the properties which are contained in this fruit are making these kinds of infections to disappear.

Heart disease and nerve disease prevention: 

Graviola can boost your metabolism, prevent damage to your nerves and aid in proper blood circulation. Because of these effects you will have better functioning heart and the chances to get damage to your nervous as you grow older will be very low.

Pain reduction: 

If you are using graviola leaves supplements, then you will reduce swelling and pain. People which were tested with graviola supplements had fewer indications of pain and less swelling.


Graviola is effective for diabetes. There were studies on animals in which is told that it’s leaf extract is reducing the blood sugar. This should be tested in people to see doctors if the leaf extract will also help them.

High blood pressure: 

Graviola is decreasing heart rate and contractility. Also is reducing the blood pressure and widens the blood vessels. If you are taking medicines for high blood pressure, you should consult with your doctor to take this fruit or not because there could be complications.

Treating urid acid: 

Leaves from graviola are used as gout cures for centuries. To make mixture from this fruit you should take 6-10 old leaves which are still green. You should cut the graviola leaves and you need to be sure that the content in the leaves is right out. Next, you should boil two leaves in two cups of water. Simmer this mixture until remains one cup of water. Drink this mixture twice a day. The first half you should drink in the morning and second half in the evening.

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