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Benefits of Sage on Your Health

Sage is native to Southern Europe and Mediterranean region. This herb has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. The leaves from sage are used for cooking. Also tea done from sage is very healthy. This herb has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Sage is stimulant, an expectorant and a diuretic. Also it is used as an appetite enhancer.

Here are some benefits for health of Sage:

Immune system strength: 

Sage has antimicrobial properties which can be used for prevention of viral and bacterial infections that are attacking the body through the skin. It is not very used as everyday tea, but is recommended to be used. Sometimes we are thinking that our mouth and nose are the reason for our illness. But many cases have shown that bacteria are searching way through the skin which is making diseases. Also you can use cream which is made of sage to give extra defense against the illness vector.

Bone strength: 

This herb is rich with Vitamin K. Vitamin K is vital for the health and strength of our bones. This vitamin is not found in many types of home remedies. Vitamin K is making our bones much stronger and also is giving them a support for the age we are. If you are having bone disease such as osteoporosis, then your bone health is very low. If you add this herb in your diet, you can make your bones stronger and healthier. Sage can increase your bone health for 27%.

Antioxidant impact:

Chronic diseases and degenerative diseases are one of the scariest health conditions. Those diseases are caused by free radicals which are attacking your healthy cells. Luteolin, apigenin and rosmarinic acid which are compounds in this herb can work to neutralize the free radicals and to prevent against oxidative stress in the skin, heart, brain, muscles, organ system and joints.

Cognitive disorders: 

Components of the sage can stimulate brain function to improve the memory and concentration. Also it can help to eliminate the cognitive disorders and even the Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Studies for this part of the health benefits of sage are in very early stage. But it is good to know that experts have said that this fact is proven in many cases. Also is recommended from medical experts, this herb to be used in the everyday diet. Essential oils and extracts which are found in the sage can keep the mind fresh and also you can feel younger and to memorize more things when you are in older ages.

Inflammation issues: 

If you are chewing sage leaves every day, then you can make your organic compounds to act the fastest. Also you can make tincture from sage which also has the benefit which we mentioned before. If you are having inflammation diseases, then you can eliminate these diseases with tincture from sage. Sage can help to people who are suffering from gout and arthritis. Also, sage is helping to people who suffer from heart diseases or from increased blood pressure. This leaf has phenolic and flavonoids compounds which are responsible for improving the inflammatory diseases.

Cognitive boost: 

Many cases have shown that sage is improving the memory conditions. If you are consuming sage or you smell it, then you can increase your abilities to memorize new things better than before. Also you are increasing concentration and focus on many topics by using sage in your diet. If you are in challenging and intellectually demanding careers, then you should add sage in your diet so you can boost your brain.

Skin conditions: 

In many medicines are created tropical salve from the sage leaves. Also it can be made tincture from the leaves of this herb. The both remedies are good for skin health problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. You skin condition will be improved if you are regularly applying those remedies on the affected areas.


This herb contains rosmarinic acid which is acting like anti-inflammatory agent in many parts of your body. Here also is included your stomach. If you are consuming this herb often, then you have decreased your possibility to get diarrhea and gastritis.


This herb has components which are very similar to medicines that are used for diabetes. Mostly it helps to people who are affected with type 2 diabetes because sage releases the stored glucose in the liver and is preventing of major fluctuations of the blood sugar.