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How To Stop Muscle Pain In 90 Seconds!

Muscles pains occur due to exercise in a gym, riding a bike or working. If you are suffering of muscles pain, pain in the head and neck, wrist pain or many other common muscles pain and you have been wondering how to stop this agonizing muscle pain and you still haven`t found the solution? You don`t have to worry anymore because it takes only 90 seconds to stop the muscles pain. Sounds impossible? This new technique will show you how to stop muscle pain.

Gladly, we present you the new Dr. Dale Anderson’s innovative “Fold and Hold technique No more doctor’s appointments, no drugs, dietary supplements or special instruments, just four simple steps. So, let’s learn more about these steps one by one.

1. First, you must find the tender spot.

2. Move your body into a position that minimizes the pain. In other words, one part of your body folds over another part of your body to reduce tension on the under lying muscles.

3. Stay in that position for the following 90 seconds. Then slowly and gently back to your original position.

4. Gently stretching in the opposite direction will enable you to relax your muscles.

If you have bunions try the “fold and hold“technique. All you have to do is to twist the big toe under the foot and push forward the center of the foot. You can do it by yourself, or you can ask another person to help you.

This technique will also help if you have heel spurs. Ask someone to push the heel and toe together while you are lying on your stomach. You can also do it by yourself by pushing the top of your feet against the seat of the chair. Provided doing the fold and hold technique for three times and you are still encountering muscles pain, or even worse, produces side effects, stop immediately and see a doctor.