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If You have White Spots on Nails – Here’s what they trying to Tell

The spots on the nail show abnormality on the nervous system; which can lead to some disease. This spots might appear due stressful times.

There is nothing to be afraid, they are just pointers which trying to warn us and makes a man to take measures for the disease.

To get rid of theses stains you should narrow your mind to one particular thought. Over a period of 2- 3 months you will get rid of the stains on your nails.

There are many myths associated with white spots on nails, but the simple truth is that most of them arise because of prior damage to the nails.

So if you have spots, do not think now that you have a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. In some cases, white spots on the nails can show some infection, but more often they are the result of some injury.
Unlike blue one, white spots on the nails do not appear immediately. It can take time to notice because they are usually the result of injury.

Some common myths say, white spots on the nails are a result of deficiency of calcium or eating a lot of mayonnaise. Sometimes they may be an indication of an allergic reaction of the particular products such as reaction of nail lacquer, acetone or nail hardener.

Many people who wear artificial nails reveal white spots after removal of artificial nails. If you notice such spots on the nails, consult a physician to determine the reason for their appearance.