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What Foods to Eat To Gain Weight with a Fast Metabolism

Do you eat large amounts of food but gain not even a single pound? Do you avoid exercising because you’re afraid that you will lose that little weight you have?

All this happens as a result of your fast metabolism which burns the food you eat extremely quickly. This problem is more common than you think. Besides frustrating and expensive, adding pounds is hard when the body metabolizes energy on overdrive.

Those with fast metabolism need to find a way to ‘outsmart’ their body to learn how to gain weight. Gaining weight is possible if you slow down your metabolism, and increase the calorie intake – and there are ways to do this.

Here are few advices and ideas how to slow down your metabolism and add few pounds to the little weight you have.

How to Gain Weight with a Fast Metabolism

We know it’s hard for you to put on some weight having this crazy metabolism, but the first thing to learn is you need a game plan and intentional effort, something a lot of people forget.

This article is focused on 3 areas. The first part is about the recommended foods for gaining weight, and additives which boost the calorie content of your favorite meals. The second one is about the ways you can slow down your metabolism, and the last part is about the regimen and game plan which will help you add pounds quickly.

Let’s start with the foods to fight a fast metabolism and add pounds fast.

1. Food is Essential for Conquering the Fast Metabolism

You have probably heard this thousands of times, but we will say it again: To add weight, you must eat a LOT of food! An average person needs about 3,500 calories to add a pound, which is that much calories over and above their regular weight. In the same manner, if your body lacks 3,500 calories, you will probably lose a pound of fat reserves.

Therefore, to gain a pound per week, you will have to add an extra 500 calorie to you daily calorie content. It sounds easy, right? But, the things with fast metabolism are not so simple, as these 500 extra calories per day won’t be enough for you to gain weight. This is not the case for those with normal or slow metabolism.

To succeed in that, you need to be intentional with your caloric intake, and the following tips will help you do that.

Supplement Your Diet with a Mass Gainer

Adding a mass gainer to your daily routing is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to increase your calorie intake.

Since you know exactly how much calories are in each scoop, you can easily monitor and track your daily calorie intake to push above that 500 extra calories. One of the most popular mass gainers is Optimum Nutrition, but it’s rather expensive. In fact supplements are always more expensive than food, so you will have to spend some more money on gainers, on food, or both.

Convenience is the biggest advantage of mass gainers in the busy lifestyle we lead nowadays. Most days we don’t have time for cooking and preparing food, so skipping a meal becomes an everyday issue. With mass gainers, you won’t have that problem – you should simply drink it and continue with your daily requirement.

Add Extras to Your Meal

Try to add some extra calories anywhere you can, especially to your favorite foods.

  • Put an extra 2 tbsp. of olive or other healthy oil in your pasta sauce when eating pasta. The difference will be barely noticeable.
  • Add a spoon full of peanut butter and a sliced banana in your cereal for breakfast.
  • Instead of water, drink a glass of milk with your meals.
  • Make sure your salad has some goat cheese or some dressing on it.

See where this is going?

Eat Foods Rich in Calories, Intentionally

If you start including healthy, energy-dense foods in your daily diet, adding pounds swiftly shouldn’t be a problem. Try to have a healthy portion of carbs included in each meal. Carbohydrates are usually overlooked as majority have problems with losing weight, and not gaining. Nevertheless, they are beneficial in both cases.

Try to incorporate a few pieces of bread, a heap of rice or other grain, or a serving of pasta in each meal. Your body needs anything that gives it a quick, accessible energy.

Boost Your Appetite

Increasing the amount of food you consume can be really tricky, particularly if you have followed a low volume diet which has shrunken your stomach.

Increased hunger from an active lifestyle is not enough. Apetamin or other appetite stimulant will make your body crave for more food. You will eat more consistently thanks to the stomach rumble which will be your constant reminder. Eating more often and in larger amounts will come naturally if you’re constantly hungry. This in turn will speed up the process of gaining weight.

You should know that Apetamin is not gluten free, and can make you pretty drowsy at the beginning. In any other case it’s a great option for increasing the appetite in people with high metabolism.

Track Your Caloric Intake

Tracking your daily calorie intake can be really handy, although it sounds a bit obsessive. Thinking that you’ve eaten enough by just feeling full is a pitfall. Calculating your daily calorie intake is very easy with the many calorie calculators online.

For instance, if you type in ‘avocado nutrition’ you will get a pretty accurate information on the avocado calorie content. You’ll become more intentional if you pay attention to what you eat and calculate the calories you get on a daily basis, and this is big step in the attempt to add pounds to your weight.

2. Learn How to Slow Down Your Metabolism to Gain Weight

Although a bit hard to answer as it depend on the individual, we will give you several tips to help you slow down your quick metabolism. The first thing to keep in mind however is to eat enough food, and then consider this second step in gaining weight.

Follow these advices to slow down your metabolism:

Eat Large Meals, Spaced Out

Though eating constantly is partly helpful, eating frequently actually speeds up your metabolic rate. This is why eating small meals throughout the day is recommended in many weight loss programs.

Slowing down your metabolism and adding pounds to your weight requires huge and well-spaced out breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since any extra calories are welcomed, you don’t have to avoid snacks, just keep this principle in mind.

Hard to believe but still true, Japanese sumo wrestlers have just 2 large meals a day.

Switch from Jogging to Weight Lifting

Jogging or cycling are not recommended if you try to gain some weight, and slow down your metabolism. These activities are mostly cardiovascular exercise and they burn calories quite effectively. Therefore, you don’t need them if you try to put on some weight.

Instead, your exercise should be more weight focused, something like weight lifting. Besides building muscle mass, it will increase your weight if combined with a good protein intake. You can occasionally jog or do long walks to maintain good cardiovascular health.

Don’t Obsess

Instead of obsessing with slowing down your metabolic rate, you should concentrate on your eating habits. Sometimes, slowing the metabolism can get out of control, as genes play huge part in its function and rate. As it seems, the key to this whole struggle is food.

3. Make a Plan to Beat Your Fast Metabolism and Gain Weight Fast

Creating a plan to add pounds is probably the best thing to do. It will keep you focused on the goal, and you will clearly see when you’ve missed a meal, or cheated. Here are the steps to make a good plant to gain weight!

Take Notes of Everything You Consume

Although a bit annoying, you should write down everything you consume during the entire day, and then search how much calories your food contains. Try to be as precise as possible, although averaging it a bit is permitted – as long as you’re not too liberal.

You can break down your chart into Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, or Morning, Noon, and Night.  This diet plan can be helpful for both, weight gain, and weight loss, as it can be easily modified depending on the purpose.

Figure Out How Many Calories You Need

This step is even harder than the previous one. Although there are average figures online to help you determine the calories you need based on your lifestyle and age, they are just guesses set by aggregate data.

Instead, when finding the right amount of daily calorie intake for someone your age and lifestyle using those average figures, add few hundreds more to that number as you have fast metabolism. Don’t forget to write that number down for later reference.

Although a bit tricky, your next step is to exceed that number by a minimum of 500 calories a day. All this writing down and tracking will help you achieve your goal, which is gaining weight.

More Tips

A good idea is telling your family and friends about your weight goals, so that they can help you stay true to your plan. You can even give some fun name to your weight gain regimen, and joke about it with your friends.

Putting on weight for a person with high metabolism is surely a challenge, but if you stick with it, make a plan, and eat more, you will eventually get there.