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Why Men Lose Weight So Easily — and What Women Can Do About It!

Why do men lose weight faster and easier than women? There are many different reasons, including metabolism, genes and lifestyle habits.

Men’s genes have a strong impact on why it is easier for them to lose weight Men are more likely to build muscle due to the much higher levels of testosterone in the body. Men also traditionally have held more physically active jobs than women. This helps them have a higher metabolism, which means they can burn more calories and therefore have less fat stored.
Women have a higher level of estrogen, which makes the storage of fat easier. It is also common for women to retain more water, which can translate into a few extra pounds on the scale, especially during certain times of the month.

Dieting, especially crash diets, actually slow down the metabolism. The body starts to go into starvation mode, conserving energy and fluid. With a slow metabolism, burning fat and losing weight becomes much more difficult.

Comfort eating is another difference between the sexes. When women eat for comfort, they tend to gravitate toward sugary and starchy comfort foods, whereas men will often crave protein-rich meals like meat and potatoes. In general men are also less likely to eat due to emotional or psychological reasons, which can help them lose weight faster and easier.Men often lose weight by exercising more, not necessarily eating less. However, it has also been proven that exercise alone will not help a woman lose as much weight as men do. For best results, women need to compensate for hormonal differences by reducing their caloric intake as well as exercising.

Does this mean women are doomed to slow weight loss no matter what? No!

While women may have a few more challenges in losing weight, it’s still very possible to fire up the metabolism and burn fat at a decent pace. The ideal way to do this is to eat plenty of low-calorie foods like fruit, vegetables, and lean protein, while also building up muscle mass through weight training and burning more calories through aerobic exercise. Eating plenty of fiber, drinking plenty of water, and being patient during hormonal surges can help women even the playing field when it comes to weight loss.